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‘Vanderpump Rules’: Fans Bash Tom And Katie Maloney-Schwartz’s Marriage

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Aside from Ken Todd and Lisa Vanderpump, Tom and Katie Maloney-Schwartz are the last remaining married couple on Vanderpump Rules. Yet, it has not been a smooth ride. Since day one, the ‘Bubbas’ have been plagued with cheating issues and alcohol-fueled arguments. It is a wonder they even made it down the aisle – twice. Now, with Season 9 underway, fans are questioning why the couple is still together.

Katie and Tom’s Vanderpump Rules Dramatic History

When the RHOBH spin-off first began in 2013, Katie Maloney was a core cast member. She worked at SUR along with several of her good friends. Her boyfriend, “MACTOR” Tom Schwartz was best friends with bartenders Jax Taylor and Tom Sandoval. They were very much in love yet had their typical couple fights. Like the time Tom poured beer all over Katie’s head during an argument. Or the time she found out he had cheated on her.

Credit: Katie Maloney-Schwartz IG
Credit: Katie Maloney-Schwartz IG

There was also Katie’s alter ego, “Tequila Katie” and whenever she did not get her way, she would start to rage text everyone. After the two got engaged, she proceeded to insult his manhood while they were in the process of planning their wedding. She also told him she was happy they never had kids and he could sell the ring if he wanted. After the wedding, they were extremely happy until she learned from Ariana Madix that Tom had cheated on her once again.

Vanderpump Rules Credit: Katie Maloney-Schwartz IG
Credit: Katie Maloney-Schwartz IG

Somehow she forgave him. Sadly, he soon became hyperfocused on his new bar, TomTom and she felt ignored. The rage texts started up again. As always, the two came back together. It was soon revealed Tom lost the marriage papers and they were not legally married.

The two, along with their friends, all flew out to Vegas to make it official. Finally, they were on the right track, even trying to conceive a baby during the SUR baby boom. Yet it has not been enough for fans to believe they are a good match.

Fans Bash The Bubbas

The Bubbas, as they are affectionately known, returned for Season 9 of Vanderpump Rules. Along with Scheana Shay and Tom Sandoval, they are the only OG’s from the series. When Schwartz and Sandoval revealed they were opening up their own bar, Katie said she wanted to be a part of it. She grew up with her family owning a restaurant and worked at SUR for years. Katie also mentioned she felt the name Sandoval had chosen was “uninspired” to which he promptly took offense.

Credit: Tom Schwartz IG
Credit: Tom Schwartz IG

As viewers later saw, it was actually her husband who said that. She has been saying what he’s been thinking for a while but taking the heat for him. Though some may view him as weak, Heavy reports some fans actually think the couple hates one another. This stems from a November 9th Reddit thread centered around their marriage.

“I’ve never understood why people choose to date (or, in Katie & Schwartz’s case, marry) people they hate. Since Day One of VPR, Katie and Schwartz have never seemed to enjoy each others’ company,” one wrote. “These two have zero chemistry. I really hope they don’t procreate,” shared another Reddit fan.

What do you think of their marriage- in love or just for convenience? Let us know in the comments and watch Vanderpump Rules Tuesdays on Bravo.

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