Jessa Seewald’s Birthday Week Tradition Blasted As Outrageous

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Former Counting On star Jessa Seewald documented her son Spurgeon’s birthday. While she got some love and support from fans, others think the whole idea is outrageous. So, how does the Duggar daughter celebrate her kids’ birthdays, and what does everyone else have to say about it?

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Jessa Seewald Documents Spurgeon’s Sixth Birthday Week

On YouTube, Jessa revealed that her kids celebrate their birthday weeks rather than just a single day. So, every day leading up to their birthday, they open one gift. She explained, “Last year we started this tradition of giving a gift each day of the week leading up to our kid’s birthday. It spreads out the celebration and gives them an opportunity to pause and appreciate each gift rather than opening them all at once. They look forward to this with great anticipation — and so do I!”

She shared a video featuring Spurgeon opening each of his gifts. He received a pair of roller skates, a Swiss Army knife, a watch, a bible, a pair of binoculars, UNO Attack, and a kite. The Duggar grandson was thrilled to open each of his gifts and spend these special days with his siblings. However, not everyone likes this idea.

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Duggar Snarks Think The Birthday Week Idea Is Too Much

On Reddit, Duggar Snarks are talking about Jessa’s latest video, and they think it’s a little over-the-top. One user writes, “Gag. This is almost as obnoxious as grown-*ss adults that declare that it’s their ‘birthday month!’ And expect to be treated like a special little royal the entire month.”

Yet another chimes in, “There’s a reason it’s called a birthDAY. Everyone gets one day to celebrate. The next day is someone else’s day. This weeklong celebration is just stupid.”

Someone else jokes that Jessa might not be able to keep up with this tradition if she continues to have kids so quickly. They wrote, “If Jessa keeps breeding at this rate, she should really rethink the birthday week idea!”

So, do you think that Jessa and Ben’s kids’ birthday celebrations are over-the-top and unnecessary? Or do you like the idea of making their whole birthday week fun and special? Let us know in the comments section below.

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If you’d like to watch Spurgeon’s sixth birthday video, you can find it here.

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  1. It blows My mind how people think Their Opinions should matter to others. Its no one elses business to say how a parent celebrates their childs birthday. Do you want to hear opinions on how much or what gifts You should give Your children for Christmas ? Look in the mirror Before giving your Opinion and Thank God the oarents are creative to make their children feel special !! Lol….just My Opinion !!

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