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’90 Day Fiance’: Will Angela Deem Get Her Own Spinoff?

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90 Day Fiance phenom Angela Deem never ceases to shock viewers with her antics. From begging her daughter for an egg to tote to her latest interesting surgery, Deem keeps fans on their toes. Is this all just a ploy to be like Darcey Silva and get her own 90 Day spin-off? Backwoods Barbi is spilling the tea.

Angela Deem Milks Her 90 Day Fiance Success

Initially, Angela was just a cast member on Before the 90 Days with her Nigerian boyfriend, Michael Ilesanmi. They met online and when she traveled to Nigeria to see him in Season 2 of BT90D, it was filled with drama. So much so that the duo ended their relationship but mended it in time to return for Season 3. Eventually, they landed a spot on 90 Day Fiance and ultimately wed in  Nigeria.

Michael and Angela Deem 90 day fiance

One of the biggest issues they faced (there were many) was fertility. Angela was beyond the age to conceive naturally so she decided to ask her daughter for an egg. This caused a lot of drama between mother and daughter. Additionally, people believed Michael was just using Angela for a Green Card. The two soon began to bicker as Angela wanted to undergo weight loss surgery.

Michael felt it was unnecessary but Deem is a bull in a china shop. She went for it and was soon prancing her new figure all over social media, especially TikTok. Deem even made waves when she decided to flash the camera during the Happily Ever After? tell-all. Is there anything she won’t do? It appears she is vying for more than just attention and possibly looking to secure herself her own series.

Angela’s Own Spin-Off

Backwoods Barbi took the time to point out all of the ways Angela loves attention. Most recently, she underwent another cosmetic procedure. She got her hands done. Yes, she had them rejuvenated to look years younger. Furthermore, she likes to be in the “limelight” with pseudo-celebs like Mama June’s manager, Gina, and Jojo Siwa, and her mother.

Angela Deem Instagram
Angela Deem Instagram

Deem has apparently signed with Gina so BB is predicting Angela will go down the same path as Mama June in terms of reality television. The plastic surgery will continue and she will get pranced around everywhere. For BB, this writing has been on the wall for a year now. It has just been a matter of time. Barbi’s followers had this to say after watching the video: “If they gave Darcey and Stacey a spin-off, then I could absolutely see Angela and her family get one too.”

Credit: Angela Deem IG
Credit: Angela Deem IG

Another viewer added: “Please God don’t do this to us!! I can’t handle any more flashing. Who the hell gets hand fillers?!” Seems like people are very torn about this possible spin-off. Would you watch another 90 Day Fiance series if Angela Deem was at the helm? Let us know in the comments.

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