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‘Teen Mom’: Why Kailyn Lowry’s Fans Claim They Feel Sorry For Her Kids

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Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry is being dragged by fans following a recent Instagram Q&A. During the Instagram Live session Lowry prompts her followers to go ahead and ‘ask me anything.”

What started as an innocent get-to-know-me session soon found the MTV reality star being slammed by followers who failed to agree with her noncelebratory holiday traditions. It all started when one of Lowry’s followers asked the mother of four boys, “When do you start decorating for Christmas and put up a tree?”

Credit: YouTube/MTV
Credit: YouTube/MTV

Kailyn Lowry Reveals ‘I Got Tired Of Fighting’

Lowry responds that she can’t really remember the last time she did Christmas. As you can imagine Kailyn’s fans were stunned to hear this bit of information.

Another fan chimed in with, “So your kids don’t celebrate Christmas?”

“No gifts?”

Kailyn’s response to the question was simple, she added a photo of three of her four sons, Lux, Creed, and Lincoln engaging in a family embrace. Missing was Lowry’s oldest son, Isaac. Lowry then added a caption to the photo in an effort to explain her reasons for skipping Christmas.

“I got tired of fighting over Christmas & having my years fall on opposite years of my family who live 4+ hours away so I gave it up completely.”

“They celebrate with their dads & I stay home.”

Credit Kailyn Lowry Instagram
Credit Kailyn Lowry Instagram

Alone For The Holidays

It did not take long before Lowry was bombarded with comments disagreeing with her decision to skip over the holiday. Many began slamming Lowry calling it sad that her children would not have these special memories.

Another blasted” Kids shouldn’t suffer because of your trauma! Kail doesn’t get that!”

“I find it sad for both her and her children that she doesn’t do anything for it. I sympathize with her having a horrible childhood and understand that it is probably a horrible time for her but she should even just put up a tree and a few things for the children and start new memories.”

Some, however, agree with Kailyn Lowry stating that they get how hard it is to try and coordinate family time, especially at the holidays when the kids are expected to go multiple places for both sides of the family.

It has been a pretty grueling year for Kail. She has spent a lot of time battling with her boys’ fathers, especially when it comes to Lux and Creed. As previously reported Lowry has made it very clear that she feels Chris is a deadbeat dad. Kailyn reveals she is constantly attempting to contact Chris to pay his portion of Creed’s recent medical bills.

Credit: YouTube/MTV
Credit: YouTube/MTV

Over The Drama

She reveals her frustration and anger because she claims Lopez is ignoring his responsibilities to his children and opting to blow his money partying, taking trips, and buying his new girlfriend and baby mama expensive gifts.

Kailyn Lowry reveals that Chris just doesn’t comprehend what his responsibilities to his sons fully are. She claims that just because she can financially provide for her boys, doesn’t mean that she should have to do it all herself. So far Kailyn claims this year she has spent $80k in legal fees due to battling her kid’s fathers. She also reveals she is more than fed up with all of their drama.

What do you think about Kailyn not celebrating Christmas with her kids? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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