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‘RHOC’: Kelly Dodd Films Heather & Terry Dubrow At Restaurant While Urging Her Husband To Confront Them

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Former RHOC star Kelly Dodd is not ready to let go of any of the grudges she is holding against Bravo stars Heather and Terry Dubrow. If anything, Kelly may be attempting to stir the pot in hopes of getting a reaction from her former co-star. Kelly appears to be up to her old tricks once again. On Wednesday night Kelly and husband Rick Leventhal were dining in the same restaurant as Heather and Terry. The reality star could not let this opportunity pass her by without causing a bit of a commotion.

Kelly quickly whipped out her phone and began filming the Dubrows during their dinner date. Needless to say, according to Reality Blurb, Dodd’s commentary was far from polite. Kelly is heard throughout the video calling Heather and Terry a**h***s and referring to them as “Dumb and Dumber.”

Credit: YouTube/Bravo
Credit: YouTube/Bravo

‘RHOC’ Feud Continues Between Kelly Dodd And Heather Dubrow

The ex RHOC castmember is also clearly heard urging her husband Rick to go over and confront the Dubrows over the cease and desist letters they received from them earlier in the year. Kelly then asks her dinner guests, “Should I ask these a-holes why they’re are suing me – Terry and Heather? Why are they suing me? Rick went to the bathroom…I think he might ask why they put two ceases and desists on us,” states Kelly.

Dodd’s husband Rick then returns to the dinner table to find his wife continuing to get worked up. Kelly then asks Rick, “Why don’t you say something to the guy that is suing you? What do you call him? Gomer Pyle? Why don’t you go say, ‘Why are you suing us’?” Leventhal remains in his chair listening on as Kelly’s rant against Heather and Terry continues.

Credit: Kelly Dodd Instagram
Credit: Kelly Dodd/Instagram

Kelly Dodd Looking For A Fight?

“She looks like the mom from Coraline, that cartoon, and he looks like Gomer Pyle,” Kelly claims on and on. Dodd refuses to let up and can be heard continuously attempting to push Rick to confront them. She then began mocking the fact that Heather and Terry were seated at a dinner table meant for six, despite being just the two of them.

“We’ve got Dumb and Dumber right here. F***-Faces… If you’re at a table for six, you have zero friends,” she states. “A table for six and you’re always alone, what does that tell you? Losers!”

RHOC fans are well aware of Kelly Dodd’s uncontrollable temper during her past seasons as an Orange County wife. They recall once Kelly gets on a rant about something she has a very difficult time backing away from it. Over the years, Kelly and Heather have been feuding basically non-stop for years. It is very clear that these two women’s personalities just clash and they do not like each other at all.

Credit Heather Dubrow Instgram
Credit: Heather Dubrow/Instagram

Is Heather Dubrow The Next RHOC Mean Girl?

Heather Dubrow appears to be having a bit of a rough time with her return to RHOC. As previously reported, Heather and Shannon Beador have been butting heads since day one of Season 16 filming. Most recently, the two women reportedly engaged in an explosive argument while filming at an Aspen restaurant. The argument became so heated that one source claims to have heard glass shattering coming from their table.  Next, the castmembers reportedly left, taking their argument to the alley behind the establishment.

One fan comment asks, “It seems as Heather Dubrow is looking for drama, dare we ask who season 16’s new trouble maker might be?”

Season 16 of The Real Housewives of Orange County returns to Bravo in December.


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