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‘Return To Amish’: Mary Schmucker In ICU?

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Return to Amish fans grew to love Mary Schmucker as if she was their own mentor and grandma. She was always helping the cast achieve their goals and attempted to guide a younger Jeremiah when she could. Now, she may need those kids she helped more than ever.

Falling In Love With Return To Amish’s Mary Schmucker

Mary Schmucker, affectionately known as Mama Mary, was the original Grandma Ada. She joined the Breaking Amish spin-off, which debuted in 2014. The idea behind the series was to follow the core cast after they had committed to living the English life. Now, they have returned to their hometowns and must try to blend both lifestyles.

Why did Mama Mary Schmucker leave Return to Amish?
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Along with her husband, Chester, Mary became the mother figure for those who needed direction. She also understood banishment since she had been shunned from the church. This occurred because she chose to go to her son, Andrew’s wedding. Still, she continued to be a fan favorite and was always supportive of Jeremiah. He had been in some trouble, was pierced and tattooed.

At the same time, he was pursuing a romance with Carmela and they were all attempting to embrace her. Mary continued to love and mentor everyone, taking them on adventures. However, by Season 5, she decided she was ready to attempt to get back into the church. She was successful with her mission and Ada went on to take her place as the mentor. Yet, no one forgot Mama Mary and still follows her journey on Facebook.

Is Mama Mary Okay?

Post-Return to Amish, Mary went on to release a cookbook. She also posted cooking lessons to YouTube, Cooking Amish With Mother Schmucker. It gave her a chance to stay Amish while still connecting with her longstanding fans.

Credit: Mary Schmucker Facebook
Credit: Mary Schmucker Facebook

Sadly, it seems Mama Mary may need their help like she has given so many. Yesterday, it was posted in a Facebook group she had been taken to a hospital in Punxsutawney. Her current status is she is in ICU and lost a lot of blood. Unfortunately, the reason behind the blood loss is unknown as of now. Testing will be done and there is a chance she will be moved to another hospital.

The source of the information is someone very close to the cast and speaks to them on a regular basis. Neither Jeremiah Raber nor Sabrina Burkholder has posted anything about this on their Instagram accounts yet. It could be they are holding out for more information.

In any case, love and light go out to Mama Mary for a speedy recovery and quick healing.

For updates, click here as more updates are out and will continue coming.

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