‘Pump Rules’ Feud? Why Scheana Shay Refuses To Tweet Charli Burnett

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Is Scheana Shay in a feud with Charli Burnett? Vanderpump Rules Season 9 seems to be filled with them. The new season shows Scheana going head-to-head with Lala Kent. The two hash things out and appear to be on good terms. That is until Lala mentions Brock Davies’ past to everyone.

Lala is also feuding with Tom Sandoval. She doesn’t appreciate the way he reacts to his female co-stars. As fans know, Scheana and Charli became good friends last season. Yet, that could all change since the two appear to be in a little Twitter feud.

No more social media feuds, please!

The Pump Rules star made it clear that she doesn’t want to get into another social media spat. Scheana Shay clapped back at Charli Burnett. This comes after her co-star talked about Brock’s TV installation failure. Scheana and Charli were in a Twitter feud this week when Charli claimed that the TV that Brock installed fell off her wall.

In the latest episode, Scheana and Brock visited Charlie’s new home. She’s living with her boyfriend, Corey Loftus. However, he can’t install a TV quite like Scheana’s beaus can.

So, Brock decided to pitch in. As Pump Rules fans know, Scheana loves a man who can install a television. The jury is still out as to whether Brock installed the TV within seven minutes. Charli claims that the TV fell off their wall.

[Credit: Charli Burnett/Instagram]
[Credit: Charli Burnett/Instagram]
“Update on the TV Brock hung up lmao it literally fell at like 4 am we thought someone was breaking in,” Charli Burnett tweeted.

The next day, Scheana took to Twitter to claim it wasn’t her fiance’s fault. It was the lack of tools that he was provided with during the installation. The Boy Crazy founder still thinks Brock is the man when it comes to television installation. She also noted that the TV “was never secure” since he installed it quickly and followed instructions.

Scheana Shay claps back at Charli Burnett

Scheana Shay felt there was shade in Charli’s tweet. Her Vanderpump Rules co-star fired back, saying that her original tweet was just a joke. “Oh god scheana it’s a joooookkeee.” Charli said. “Did you sit all night mad about this and we did… but legit its [sic] funny! Not that deep boo.” She also included a clip of The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice in her tweet.

But the “Good as Gold” singer wanted to make it clear that Brock’s television-hanging skills are up to standards. Scheana Shay explained that she was stating “facts” and asked Charli to check her messages. “I don’t do twitter fights with my friends,” she added. “Only state facts. Check your texts.”

[Credit: Scheana Shay/Instagram]
[Credit: Scheana Shay/Instagram]
Charli returned to Twitter to share a TikTok video. She explained her sense of humor. Brock responded via Instagram Stories. He shared a screenshot of Charli’s tweet along with the caption, “Hahaha, I’m surprised it lasted so long… PSA. Take a minute to find your studs first, use AP appropriate screws… Love ya guys.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think Charli and Scheana are feuding? Or, do you think it’s all in good fun? Sound off below in the comments.

Vanderpump Rules Season 9 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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