Emotional Isabel Roloff Enjoys ‘Last Time’ On The Beach

Isabel Roloff Instagram

It’s an emotional and exciting time for Isabel Roloff. There are lots of changes ahead, and she’s soaking up a few more lasts. Soon, though, she will enjoy some very special firsts. She recently took one final trip to the beach and is feeling many different emotions about it. Read on to see what she has to say and to learn what’s ahead for Jacob Roloff‘s wife.

Jacob and Isabel Roloff/Instagram
Jacob and Isabel Roloff/Instagram

Isabel Roloff Documents Last Beach Trip

Isabel has been very active on social media, revealing how she has felt throughout her pregnancy. Now, she’s feeling emotional about a special last moment she had. In an Instagram post, Isabel reveals that she took a final trip to the beach. The mom-to-be writes:

“A few days ago, we went to the beach for what could potentially be the last time before I give birth. You all know how much I love the ocean, how at home I feel there… so to imagine introducing someone else to it soon just makes me all kinds of emotional. Life has so many wild twists and turns. I found out I was pregnant at this same beach, back in March. I took the test, sitting in my car by the beach because I wanted to feel close to my mom while I did it. I always feel closest to her when I’m here. Fast forward 9 months later, saying see you later to the sea… only to arrive again to her blue waters with a new person for her to meet.”

In the comments section, one LPBW fan reminds Isabel of what’s to come, writing, “Your next trip will be one you will never forget.”

Isabel Roloff Instagram
Isabel Roloff Instagram

Soon-To-Be Parents Prepare For What’s Next

Jacob and Isabel’s lives are about to change in an amazing way when they welcome their son to the world. He’s due in December, and if he comes a little early, he could arrive soon.

LPBW fans are on baby watch for Isabel and Jacob’s little one. Another Roloff baby, Radley Knight, joined the family earlier this week. Radley is Audrey and Jeremy Roloff’s third child and will be very close in age to Isabel and Jacob’s son.

It looks like Jacob and Isabel are enjoying themselves and looking forward to the future. Their baby will be here very soon!

So, what do you think of Isabel Roloff’s emotional reflection on her trip to the beach? Are you excited about what’s ahead for the TLC couple? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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