Danielle Busby Prepares To Leave Girls With Adam Again

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OutDaughtered mom Danielle Busby is heading out of town once again! The mom to six is getting away and leaving the kids at home with Adam Busby. She also went on a getaway last weekend. Fans have mixed feelings about her frequent travels and she often receives negative comments about going places without her kids in tow.

Because Danielle and Adam live their lives in the spotlight, they are used to receiving both love and criticism from fans. This time, Danielle was prepared for the negativity to come and reminded fans that there is “no comment needed” on her decision to hit the road.

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Danielle Busby shares plans to leave town again

In a new Instagram post, Danielle shared a snap of herself and her sisters as they celebrated their 39th birthday. In the post, she also mentioned that she will be heading out of town, which is why they are celebrating early this year. The TLC mom writes, “Happy early ‘last year in your 30s’ birthday celebration to my two magnificent sisters! I’ll be heading out of town (#yesagain #nocommentneeded) so i had to celebrate early with them. Life is so much better with sisters!! Love y’all both BIG! 👯‍♀️🧡🧡 “

At this point, Danielle hasn’t revealed where she’s going yet. But she will probably share more photos from her travels very soon. She seems excited to be traveling again though.

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OutDaughtered fans joke about her constant traveling

Of course, some of Danielle’s followers have left negative comments about her always heading out of town without Adam and the girls. One fan writes, “Adam takes care of the girls more than her cause she is gone on her trips so much I watch the show but probably won’t much anymore.”

But most of Danielle’s social media followers are glad she’s able to get away sometimes to enjoy herself or work on her business. Dale Mills teases, “y’All gOing On aNotHer TrIP…” making fun of the fans who criticize Danielle for traveling.

One fan reminds her, “Gurl you carried five babies take all the fun vacations!” Others applaud her for doing what she wants to while still loving and caring for her family.

So, are you surprised that Danielle Busby is leaving the girls again? Do you like that she makes sure to set time aside for herself? Let us know in the comments section below.

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