Micah Plath Seemingly Fills Instagram With Thirst Traps, Is LA Changing Him?

Micah Plath from Youtube

Micah Plath from Welcome to Plathville is having too much fun showing off his body on Instagram. It’s really clear he is a model and he’s just proving it even more in his most recent posts.

Micah Plath shows off body on Instagram

Micah Plath has been showing off his model career on Instagram as of late. Both his profile and his Instagram story are full of shirtless pictures and videos and serious faces.

In a recent video, Micah is working out without a shirt on.

“Been focusing on calisthenics for a couple weeks and can really feel a different already!” he captions the video.

Micah didn’t seem to always post content like this on his social media. Perhaps his time in LA is changing him. Or, he’s just getting older and more comfortable with his modeling career.

Fans in the comments notice how good he is looking.

  • “Jesus are you even human? 😂❤️”
  • “Bro is looking swole 💪”

He also shared some headshots and included an interesting comment.

“Also keep the comments civil please, appreciate all the support from you all🤍,” he writes on his own post.

It’s unclear what exactly he means by this. However, he clearly has had some interesting comments in the past that he wants to keep to a minimum now. Regardless, it seems that lately, Micah has been posting a lot more shirtless content on his profile and in his story.

Of course, he isn’t the only Plath posting on Instagram. His sister and Olivia Plath have been doing the same thing.

His sister is a bit sweeter

Moriah Plath recently shared a photo that Olivia Plath initially tagged her in. The photos are quite sentimental and different than what Micah has started posting.

“Just had to say that I love my lil sis,” she starts the post including a crying face and a white heart.

She continues: “We were so little here haha, but yay to growing our minds, hearts + bootays forever lol. Ready for glutes day at the gym?” she concludes the caption with a happy face and a skull emoji.

“I was a baby,” she says with a crying face. “We both were…but if I’m being honest I’m not ready for the gym, way too sore lol! I love you too,” she finishes the post with a simple red heart.

Do you follow Micah Plath on Instagram? What do you think of his recent posts? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite Welcome to Plathville stars.

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