JoJo Siwa Suffered An Injury — What’s Her Current Status?

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It’s not uncommon for Dancing With The Stars contestants to sustain injuries. After all, it’s pretty intense exercise! But semifinalist JoJo Siwa recently revealed she suffered an injury during Janet Jackson Night performance.

Will she recover in time for the semifinals?

JoJo Siwa slayed her Salsa, but also managed to sustain a pretty painful injury

The injury occurred during JoJo and Jenna Johnson’s Salsa performance to “Feedback” by Janet Jackson. But even so, she wasn’t about to let it hold her back.

“Doing that dance, I was just living in the moment. Then all of the sudden, halfway through, I got the worst feeling in my neck. I cracked, popped, snapped something. Couldn’t feel anything from my hip to my head,” the 18-year-old dancer told ET. “I was like, ‘That is not ruining this moment.'”

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JoJo did manage to push through, but it sounded pretty excruciating.

“I couldn’t see. I literally couldn’t do anything until I up got to pick [Johnson] up at the next lift,” she added. “I was like, ‘Get it together. Four eights. Pull it off.'”

She managed to push through the Rumba dance-off too and it all paid off. Jenna and JoJo won the dance-off against Olivia Jade and Val Chmerkovskiy. The women easily made it through to the semifinals after that.

It appears as if JoJo is going to be okay for the semifinals. In the ET interview, she gave no indication that she planned to take it easy.

What can we expect to see from the upcoming semifinals?

If JoJo Siwa manages to heal well, then we can expect another exciting performance from her and Jenna Johnson when the semifinals finally arrive. Monday night is definitely going to be spectacular as the remaining six couples compete for a spot in the season finale.

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Sadly, we did say goodbye to two amazing couples during the Janet Jackson Night episode. Emma Slater and Jimmie Allen left along with Olivia Jade and Val Chmerkovskiy, Jenna’s husband.

“Obviously, you’re kinda close with Val. Not like married or anything, but like married,” JoJo joked with Jenna during the ET interview. “And Olivia is so awesome. [She] had become one of my best friends here. Saying goodbye to them tonight was brutal.”

“It sucks,” Jenna added. “I am devastated for [Chmerkovskiy and Jade], because I know the hard work they’ve put into this season. I honestly thought they were going straight to the finals, so I’m a little bit confused.”

Jenna went on to say that Val really loved his time on the season and she believed he and Olivia Jade were perfect partners for each other.

Don’t forget to vote if you want to keep Jenna and JoJo in the competition! The semifinals kick off at 8 PM eastern time on ABC. Tune in for more!

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