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Body Language Screams ‘Miserable’ In Latest ‘Sister Wives’ Promo Pic?

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Are all four of Kody Brown’s wives unhappy? That’s what Sister Wives fans are wondering after TLC’s latest promo pic for Season 16. Keep reading for all the details.

Season 16 features the end of one of Kody Brown’s relationships

Kody Brown and his four wives – Meri, Christine, Robyn, and Janelle – sulked and fought their way through Season 15 of the long-running TLC show. Sister Wives fans were hopeful that Kody could repair his deteriorating relationships with Meri and Christine. Despite fans thinking Meri Brown would be the first to leave the plural family, Christine is the one who pulled the plug first.

Earlier this month, she took to her Instagram to share the shocking news that she was ending her relationship with Kody Brown. Viewers will see the split play out in the upcoming Season 16.

Kody Brown via YouTube
Kody Brown via YouTube

Is Christine the only unhappy wife?

During Season 15, viewers saw Meri Brown attempt to reconnect with her spiritual husband. As fans know, Kody divorced Meri in 2014 to legally wed new wife Robyn. Meri has struggled in her relationship with both Kody and Robyn since then.

While Christine is the only one who has left the family, fans think Meri won’t be far behind. What about Janelle?

Over the summer, Janelle was living in an RV on the family’s Coyote Pass land. She shared several ‘date night’ photos of her and Kody under the stars. So, it seems Janelle and Robyn are still happy in the plural marriage.

But looks can be deceiving.

Fans call out ‘miserable’ Sister Wives promo pic

With a little less than two weeks until the Season 16 premiere, TLC is upping the promotion. The official TLC Instagram shared a new promo photo of Kody and his four wives.

Fans couldn’t help but notice how miserable the wives look in the photo. One fan commented, “Everyone looks unhappy except him.”

“Not a single smile,” wrote another Sister Wives viewer.

Credit: TLC/Instagram
Credit: TLC/Instagram

It seems that Season 16 will be just as tense as the last one. It’s rumored that the family will start construction on the long-awaited Coyote Pass project, which would put all the wives in the same house.

However, it’s unclear how the family will be affected financially by Christine’s exit. She just moved into a million dollar home in Utah.

Do you agree that the wives look miserable in the latest promo pic? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Don’t miss the explosive Sister Wives Season 16 premiere on Sunday, November 21, 2021.

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