Did Josiah And Lauren Duggar Finally Break Social Media Silence For Bella’s Birthday?

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Josiah and Lauren Duggar‘s daughter, Bella, celebrated her birthday this week. However, at this time, the family has gone silent on social media. Did they finally resurface for this special day, or are they continuing to keep things private?

Josiah and Lauren Duggar disappear from social media and delete family photos.

For months, former Counting On stars Josiah and Lauren have been inactive on social media. The couple previously shared photos of their daughter as she was growing up. Not only are they not sharing new posts online, but they have also scrubbed their Instagram page. They took it one step further by deleting every single photo of their daughter within the past week. Fans and critics wonder if this has anything to do with Josh Duggar’s current child pornography scandal.

The last time that Josiah, Lauren, and Bella surfaced was at a family gathering this fall. They were pictured on the Duggar family’s Instagram page after not posting on their own page for nearly a year. Since then, they’ve resumed their silence.

Counting On Josiah Lauren
Counting On

Bella celebrates her second birthday – did they post?

On Monday, November 8, Bella Milagro turned two years old! When she was born, her parents announced her birth a couple of days later. But her actual birth date is November 8.

However, Josiah and Lauren still didn’t surface on social media. The parents previously posted lots of photos of Bella, including one on her birthday last year. This year, their page has nothing new, and it’s missing all evidence of their daughter.

It doesn’t come as a huge surprise that Josiah and Lauren didn’t share a new post on social media, especially with how long they have gone without posting online. Still, fans were hopeful that the family would share an update about the little girl for such a special occasion.

If the pair didn’t post for Bella’s birthday, it’s not clear what they will eventually post for. The family seems to be enjoying their privacy during this time. At this point, they haven’t answered fans’ questions or offered an explanation for their absence.

So, did you think that Josiah and Lauren Duggar would finally make an appearance on Bella’s birthday? Are you surprised they have been gone for so long and that they are deleting their photos? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Many celebrities have chose to not show their children’s faces on tv/media anymore. This includes Jinger Duggar Veolo.
    I would say it’s a safety issue due the amount of haters they hear from.
    I don’t think for a second that they are on the “outs”.

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