Duggar Kids Could Leave Arkansas & Parents Behind, Here’s Why

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Are the Duggar kids finally ready to leave Arkansas behind and live somewhere else? For years, almost all of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 19 children have remained in Arkansas. However, some of them have recently left. It seems possible that more will follow in their siblings’ footsteps at some point.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo lived in Laredo, Texas after getting married and then they moved to Los Angeles, California. They are still there today and haven’t shown interest in moving back to Arkansas. Justin Duggar recently married Claire Spivey, and the pair has settled down in Texas near her family.  Read on to find out what might prompt some additional moves out of Arkansas.

Counting On No Longer Filming

As we reported, the family’s show, Counting On, was canceled by TLC in response to Josh’s arrest for receiving and possessing child pornography. If the network was continuing to film new episodes, it would make more sense for most of the family to stay in the same area. Though TLC did travel to Los Angeles to film Jinger and Jeremy’s family at times, the show might have encouraged other members of the family to live in the same state. Now that the show is over, there could be one less reason for the Duggars to remain in the same area.

Jinger Vuolo Instagram (Duggar)
Jinger Vuolo Instagram

More Duggar Kids Courting Out Of State

Lately, members of the Duggar family have been courting others who don’t necessarily all live in Arkansas. For example, Justin courted and married Claire, who lives in Texas. Jeremiah Duggar recently announced his courtship with Hannah Wissmann, who lives in Nebraska. The two aren’t engaged, but fans sense it will happen soon, creating the possibility for Jeremiah to flee Arkansas.

As more of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids enter courtships, they may be interested in going to live somewhere else.

John and Abbie Duggar Instagram (Counting On)
John and Abbie Duggar Instagram

Counting On Stars Making Their Own Rules

It doesn’t look like Jim Bob and Michelle specifically made a rule about their kids needing to stay in Arkansas for life. However, it’s possible that, as the kids test the limits and create their own lives, they will decide to live somewhere else, too.

Many fans know that the Counting On stars are expected to wear dresses, skirts, and other modest clothing while living at home. It’s all they’ve ever known. But now, they are stepping out and trying new things, like wearing shorts or pants. They could do the same and flee Arkansas.

Duggar Kids Could Distance Themselves After Josh’s Trial

A source recently revealed to People that “They aren’t as close as they once were because of all of Josh’s legal drama. It’s creating a lot of stress on them — although the majority of the family is acting like nothing has happened.”

Over the past few years, some of the Duggar kids have seemingly distanced themselves from their parents. Jill Dillard, in particular, has been open about her separation from her family over the lack of payment for her time on Counting On. Depending on the results of Josh’s trial, some of the other kids might follow in Jill’s footsteps. The drama is already driving them apart, per the source.

Of course, there’s no way to know for sure whether any of the kids will leave Arkansas and what their reasoning could be. For now, fans will have to keep an eye out for a big announcement from the family members.

So, do you think that more of the Duggar kids will begin to leave Arkansas and their parents behind? Or do you think many of them will stay in the area? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. I hope that Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar weren’t that terrible as parents, even though they practiced an old fashioned way of parenting & that a good number of their children will stick by them & make thier efforts in raising at least allot of the children worth while to Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar.

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