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Who Was Derek Hough’s Favorite Dance Partner On ‘DWTS?’

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Derek Hough is definitely no stranger to the Dancing With The Stars stage. He left the show as a pro dancer a long time ago — but not without winning six Mirrorball Trophies first.

After a brief stint away to work on other projects, he’s back behind the judges’ table. But who has his favorite partner been after all this time?

It’s really difficult for Derek Hough to choose one favorite Dancing With The Stars partner

Derek Hough performed once so far this season and gave two special dance performances in Season 29. He said he’s fine just being a judge these days, but will always have fond memories of being a pro dancer.

“Out of my 17 wives and divorcees? That’s what it feels like — like I’ve been married and divorced 17 times [laughs]. No, you know, they all were great in their own way,” the youngest judge told Distractify. “I think Kellie Pickler was really special. Amy Purdy, Bindi Irwin, Sean Johnson … I mean, there’s so many different ones for different reasons. To be honest, I could go on and on.”

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But if Derek Hough ever did come back with a pro, he’d really like to dance with Mia Wasikowska.

“She’s a great actress. But she actually has a dance background. And I think it would be awesome,” Derek told the publication.

If Derek did chose to be a pro dancer again, who would you like to see him perform with? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

The eliminations are confusing this year, but the youngest judge weighs in to clear things up

The judging process has been a little confusing this year. Since there are four judges, there are times where the judges are split 2/2 during eliminations. Derek Hough recently weighed in on that too.

In a nutshell, when the judges are evenly split, Len Goodman’s vote counts as two. However, the show often says that Len’s vote is the tiebreaker, which doesn’t make sense when you have a 2/2 split.

“I still don’t understand it, and I’ve said this to producers. I was like, ‘Guys, we gotta reword this thing because the tie doesn’t make sense,’” the 36-year-old judge told Us Weekly. “So basically, this is kind of the way I’m explaining it: Essentially, Len [Goodman] has two votes, that’s it? Len has the weight of two votes. I wish we just said it like that because that makes so much more sense.”

A lot of DWTS fans really don’t like this rule, but Derek thinks it’s fair.

“He’s the head judge,” he continued. “There’s no show that exists where the original judges from season 1 [are still there in] season 30. It’s pretty impressive. It’s pretty remarkable.”

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