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Wendy Williams Breaks Her Silence, Updates Fans On Health Issues


Daytime talk show host Wendy Williams took to social media to update her fans about her health and return to The Wendy Williams Show. It has been a tough year for Wendy in many ways.

Wendy Williams has finally broken her silence. The 57-year-old talk show host took to her Instagram account this morning to get a few things off of her chest. As fans know, to date Williams has been unable to return to the stage this season due to facing a serious health crisis. Earlier today Wendy jumped on Instagram to chat with her fans.

Wendy Williams Vows She Will Return To Daytime Tv

Williams began with her famous opening line “How You Doin?” before settling down to explain a lot of the details surrounding her life to her followers. Per The Sun, Wendy reveals that she is aware that her health issues have been a “hot topic.” She goes on to assure her fans that she is slowly making progress and that it is taking her longer to bounce back than she expected.

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Credit: YouTube

Wendy Williams Reaches Out To Fans

Credit Wendy Show Instagram
Credit The Wendy Williams Show Instagram
Credit The Wendy Williams Show Instagram
Credit The Wendy Williams Show Instagram

Wendy continues to assure her fans she has every intention to return to her purple chair as soon as her team of doctors gives her the green light. She reveals that she knows at her age it is very important that she listens to her doctors’ advice. As previously reported, since Wendy’s health crisis a number of celebrity hosts have been filling in for Williams.

In the beginning, the news of the replacement hosts left Williams feeling very angry, especially with one celebrity, in particular, Leah Remini. Wendy was reportedly furious that her show’s producers hired Remini to fill in for her without her knowledge. According to sources close to Williams, Wendy did not approve at all of Leah stepping into her spot.

Leah filled in for just four days, before exiting the stage. However, the source claims that at the time Wendy was feeling very paranoid about anyone filling in for her. They reveal that Williams feels anyone and everyone was competing against her to take over her show and she was not going to allow that.

Feeling Betrayed

However, some fans are feeling a couple of Wendy’s replacements and are calling out for their return as host. Fans claim that they enjoyed Leah Remini and Sherri Shepard and want to see more of them. In fact, some are even calling for either Leah or Sherri to take over the hosting gig permanently.

As for Leah stepping in full-time, rumors are circulating that Remini may be in talks to join the Bravo reality series “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Nothing has been confirmed on this rumor at the present, but Bravo fans are loving the idea! For Sherri Shepard, she has been a huge hit as host also and fans are pulling to see more of her!

Wendy Williams Instagram
Wendy Williams Instagram

One fan of the show comments, “I’m hoping she (Wendy) gets better…but Sherri is great! I think she needs a show of her own!”

“Just change it to The Sherri Show, and let Sherri do Sherri,” writes another.

Others claim they are anxiously awaiting Wendy Williams’s full recovery and return to her show, adding that the fill-ins are okay for the time being, but it is Wendy Williams who has made the show all along!”

For now, Wendy is sitting back and awaiting her doctor’s okay to return to her normal day-to-day life.


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  1. Wendy I am praying for you. I pray God to heal you n hear our prayers. I love you and U deserve to b at ur best w always think of u. I think ur a warrior hang in there. Love Charlotte at lollilauber on instagram

  2. Dear Wendy Williams….I read the article about your health and I first want to pray for you a speedy recovery. I woke up one morning n I couldn’t walk right so I called for help n got a ride to the hospital. That was 7years ago and I still don’t walk right. I just want you to never give up. And baby girl always believe in miracles ❤️

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