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‘Teen Mom’: Jenelle Evans Quick Ban From TikTok Explained

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Former Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans reveals she has been banned from TikTok. However, Jenelle did manage to get one last video uploaded before her temporary ban begins.

The 29-year-old mom of three took to TikTok to once again show off her dance moves. She is accompanied by her friend Tori Novosel. Jenelle. makeup-free, is seen sporting pink loungewear and a high ponytail. The dance video, per The Sun, comes just before Evans began receiving major backlash for sporting a tee-shirt reading “caffeine, guns, and freedom.”Jenelle took to her Instagram stories to tell her followers about her ban from TikTok.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Jenelle Evans Furious Over Social Media Report

Evans claims, “So yeah, if you guys were on TikTok Live with me someone reported my video for illegal activities.”

“So they banned my Live until the 13th. I submitted an appeal, so hopefully, they let me go on Live soon.”

While Jenelle feels that she has done nothing deserving of the social media ban, others feel very differently about it. Fans began commenting on Jenelle’s controversial tee-shirt writing;

“Why does this shirt even exist? So stupid!” writes one commenter.

Another adds, “This shirt makes my head hurt. Maybe I need a caffeine gun.”

Some fans claim that Jenelle’s banning occurred because her husband David Eason also appears in the video holding a gun, while Jenelle speaks. Jenelle’s complaints to TikTok must have done some good because her ban from the site was relatively short. It did not take long before the former reality star jumped onto Twitter telling her followers, “Never mind. I’m back, thanks TikTok!”

Credit: Jenelle Evans TikTok
Credit: Jenelle Evans TikTok

MTV ‘Ghosted Me’ Claims Jenelle

Since Jenelle Evans was fired from MTV’s Teen Mom 2 series, she titles herself as an ‘influencer’ and claims she makes nearly as much money being self-employed as she did working at MTV. For a brief moment, Jenelle claimed she would be returning to the new MTV spin-off series. However, things did not pan out for Evans.

As previously reported, Jenelle Evans claims that MTV nixed her from the spin-off because she demanded that David accompany her. She claims she wanted her husband by her side to support her due to the way that the network has treated her in the past. Evans adds that after her request, MTV just ghosted her. Jenelle also reveals she never heard another word from MTV.

Jenelle Evans Instagram
Credit Jenelle Evans Instagram

Jenelle Wants Everyone to Stop Hating On David

Looking at it now, Jenelle claims it was all for the best because it most likely wouldn’t have worked between her and the network. Stepping into Jenelle Evans alleged Teen Mom spot isFarrah Abraham. Jenelle also reveals she is tired of everyone hating on her husband David Eason all the time.

“Y’all hate on him so bad, but, he is a great husband, father AND chef!”

Jenelle Evans claims that no one really knows the real David like she does and it makes her incredibly sad that he is so misjudged all the time. So now that Jenelle Evans’ temporary ban from TikTok has been lifted, fans can look forward to many, many more of Jenelle’s famous dance videos in the near future.


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