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Ingo Rademacher OUT At ‘GH’: When Does His Last Episode Air?

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Amid a flurry of social media drama, a new report confirms that Ingo Rademacher (Jasper “Jax” Jacks) has wrapped up his time on General Hospital. Rumors about this supposed departure started swirling a few weeks ago. Now, not only has one media outlet confirmed it, but they have also pinned down when his last episode will air. The belief is that Rademacher left the soap opera rather than get the vaccine.

Ingo Rademacher’s Officially Out

According to TV Line, Rademacher’s resistance to comply with the COVID-19 vaccine mandate was the catalyst for his departure. The General Hospital actor has made no secret of his feelings regarding the mandate over the past few months. Ingo believes in medical freedom and he is standing strong with his convictions. The show has implemented a vaccine mandate, and that mandate is reportedly now in place. Ingo Rademacher said, ” I will stand with you to fight for medical freedom”.

Ingo Rademacher Instagram
Ingo Rademacher Instagram

The General Hospital Star’s Last Episode Airs Soon

General Hospital spoilers suggested Rademacher had already filmed his last scenes. Now, that appears to be the case. TV Line detailed that Rademacher’s last episode with him as Jax will air on Monday, November 22.

What kind of send-off will Jax get? General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed the scoop on that front yet. However, the teasers from SheKnows Soaps that cover the episodes through November 18 don’t reference Jax at all.

Credit: Ingo Rademacher Instagram
Credit: Ingo Rademacher Instagram

It may end up that Jax simply returns home to Australia with no significant hoopla. Rademacher has come and gone other times from the show before during his 20-plus run as Jax, so this time may be relatively low-key. So far, it doesn’t sound as if the writers will kill off Jax or anything especially juicy. It’s certainly possible General Hospital could recast the role, but most fans would likely argue there really is no need at this point.

The Screen Actors Guild Developed The Mandate

As TV Line noted, the mandate is not one created solely by ABC and General Hospital. As shows worked to resume filming during the coronavirus pandemic, SAG constructed a “Return To Work” agreement for actors to follow. In part, it detailed that producers could use their discretion to require “Zone A” employees to be vaccinated. Zone A included actors and crew in the area where filming was happening.

Not all shows or networks are requiring COVID-19 mandates at this point. However, General Hospital reportedly set a deadline and the rumors are that Rademacher may not be the only cast member choosing to leave over the mandate. Additional confirmations should emerge soon if anyone else, such as Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) also wrapped up their time in Port Charles. As of this writing, Ingo has not confirmed his exit.

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