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Carrie Ann Inaba Gives An Inside Scoop About Her ‘DWTS’ Future

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Carrie Ann Inaba is definitely a fighter. Even though she struggles with a myriad of health issues, she’s still passionate about dance and her television roles.

But what does her future on Dancing With The Stars look like? She recently gave an exclusive interview to HELLO! to discuss the finer details.

Carrie Ann Inaba really wants to stay with DWTS for as long as possible

In the interview, Carrie Ann Inaba revealed that Season 30 is really important to her and she wanted to be as healthy as possible to judge. Unfortunately, that also involved taking a step back from The Talk.

“I never considered stepping back from DWTS. Although I will share that the only way I could do that was to leave The Talk. I was scared. And that fear turned to motivation and I worked so hard in these last six months to get well again,” she told HELLO!

If you recall, Carrie Ann contracted COVID-19 last year after DWTS wrapped up from the season. Thankfully, she only had minor symptoms and she made a full recovery. But she did add that it was a “gentle reminder from the universe that I needed to change how I prioritized myself and my health.”

Carrie Ann Inaba from Instagram

Staying active helped her get over some of her worst symptoms.

“It’s funny because part of my healing process included bringing back movement into my life. When you are in the kind of pain I have been experiencing all day every day for such an extended amount of time, movement is the last thing you want to do,” the 53-year-old judge said.

“You don’t think it’s possible. And that is depressing for someone who moved her whole life. It’s debilitating for your mind, body, and spirit.”

We hope Carrie Ann only continues to improve and enjoy the best health possible.

The former Fly Girl dishes about navigating her health problems

In a recent interview with TV Insider, Carrie Ann Inaba also opened up about how difficult it’s been to be her own advocate. But even so, she persists.

“The advice I’d give to anyone is that you must trust yourself and you must be your own best advocate. You have a voice, and the best way to use it is to speak up for yourself, including to doctors,” the judge told the publication. “Also, do research. Doctors can be great, but they give you the best of their knowledge. I do a lot of research and I get a lot of second opinions. I blend information from various sources and find the right mix of ingredients for my own best life.”

Are you happy to see that Carrie Ann Inaba plans to be part of DWTS for the long haul? Let us know in the comments.

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