Andy Cohen Breaks Silence On Dorit Kemsley’s Home Invasion

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Earlier this month, Dorit Kemsley was the victim of a home invasion. It came shortly after she talked about her lavish lifestyle at the four-part reunion. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills addresses the real-life situations that take place in their lives. It’s been rumored that the robbery will become the focal point for Season 12.

Fans complained that she had no storyline in the previous season. Dorit and her family were returning home from a trip to London when they found masked men in their home. The intruders entered their home and made off with handbags and jewelry. Dorit and her kids were all by themselves in this scary encounter.

Andy Cohen called Dorit Kemsley a “professional”

The Watch What Happens Live host made an appearance on The View. During their conversation, Andy Cohen shared his reaction to her home invasion. He couldn’t help but praise the RHOBH star for what she went through. He applauded her for the way she handled the traumatic event.

“By all accounts, she handled this like a pro,” Andy Cohen told The View hosts. “She dealt with it in the way that you would read about, and you would want to deal with it — she made sure her kids were OK.”

[Credit: Dorit Kemsley/Instagram]
[Credit: Dorit Kemsley/Instagram]
The panel wanted to get more details about the burglary. However, Andy wouldn’t divulge any further. He explained that it wasn’t his story to tell. But he’s “so impressed” by the way she’s handled it.

Dorit Kemsley is currently filming Season 12 of RHOBH. It could be the reason why the Bravo exec wouldn’t reveal any more details. He only revealed that he’s “grateful that she and her family are OK.” Andy made it clear that not only is he a fan of these women, but he also cares about their livelihoods.

Teddi Mellencamp shares similar sentiments

In a separate interview, Teddi Mellencamp shared that her friend Dorit Kemsley is doing okay after the devastating experience. The accountability coach made an appearance on Access Hollywood on Wednesday, November 3. She shared the same sentiments that Andy had in his interview.

“She is so incredibly strong,” Teddi Mellencamp said. “The way that she was able to handle everything, the way that her kids never had to know anything was going on, I mean, she’s just so beautiful and strong.”

[Credit: Dorit Kemsley/Instagram]
[Credit: Dorit Kemsley/Instagram]
However, Teddi explained that Dorit Kemsley has a lot of mental trauma to work through. The personal trainer commended the 45-year-old fashion designer for being such a “good person.” Teddi signed off her statement, adding, “I’m just so beyond grateful that they’re all OK.”

Dorit’s Encino home was burglarized for 20 minutes on Wednesday, October 27. Thieves made off with millions of dollars of merchandise. Teddi called out a former friend of the Housewives Dana Wilkey for sharing Dorit’s personal information on social media. Dorit has been spotted having dinner with her co-stars following the robbery.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12 is currently in production.

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