Duggars Predicted To Live More Private Lives After ‘Counting On’ Cancelation

John and Abbie Duggar Instagram (Counting On)

Many of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar‘s kids have always been in the spotlight, and they haven’t known anything different. However, now that TLC has canceled Counting Onwill some of the kids choose to step away from social media and TV to live more “normal” lives?

The Duggars have been on TV for years. They got their start in 2004 with 14 Kids & Counting. From there, the family grew in size and popularity. They picked up more TV specials and gave the audience a peek into their lives. When 19 Kids & Counting came to an end, TLC gave the family another chance with Counting On. Their shows have featured many important moments in their lives, from courtships and weddings to births and big moves.

Counting On Canceled By TLC After Josh’s Arrest

For those who don’t know, TLC decided that it was time for Counting On to come to an end earlier this year. In response to Josh Duggar’s arrest for the possession of child pornography, the network wanted to give them family space to work through everything going on.

Duggar Family Instagram (Justin Duggar, Claire Spivey)
Duggar Family Instagram

Duggars Go Quiet On Social Media

Now, the Duggars are no longer on TLC, and many of them have stopped posting so frequently on social media. Some members of the family used to share regular updates and now go days or weeks without posting anything. Fans and critics assume this is due to the negative attention they have received since Josh was arrested. When the Duggars do post online, they get many negative comments about Josh, regardless of what they share.

Anna Duggar, for one, hasn’t posted on social media since before her husband’s April arrest. Fans assume she’s trying to lay low and keep her name out of the headlines.

On Reddit, Duggar Snarks are wondering if the family will continue to stay private long-term. The original poster writes, “I wonder if the Duggars will now start having kids without letting the public know. I think some of them might totally enjoy having an actual private life and try to hide the pregnancy and arrival of a little one for as long as they can.”

Another one shares their perspective, writing, “I expect it will happen with weddings, engagements, etc, too. The further they get from TLC, the more these things will just happen. I expect there will be congratulatory posts or other social media shares of the events like stories or photos from the weddings, visiting with new cousins, group photos where there are suddenly children we don’t know about, and the like, though. I don’t think the family will go full secret status. But just that telling the press will be more of an afterthought, if it’s one at all.”

So, do you think the Duggar family will go more private now that their show has been canceled? Or do you expect them to show more on their own terms? Let us know in the comments section below.

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