‘Counting On’ Fans Reveal Their Favorite Duggar Family Member

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Counting On fans are totally impressed by one Duggar family member, in particular, and now, they think they’ve determined their favorite. Over the years, fans have gotten to know all of Jim Bob and Michelle’s children on their now-canceled TLC shows, 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On

However, because there are so many kids to keep track of, fans didn’t have the opportunity to see each of their personalities on the show. Now, many of the Duggars are active on social media and share photos and videos of their family’s everyday lives. Based on what they post on social media and who they have become, Duggar fans have begun to choose some favorites. For a while, fans agreed that John-David and Abbie Duggar were their favorite couple. Now, they’re weighing in on their favorite member of the family.

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Counting On Fans Weigh In On Their Favorite Duggar

On the Duggar Bates Confessions Instagram page, one fan wrote in about Jill Dillard. They are especially proud of her and wrote, “Jill is probably my fav Duggar. She seems like such a sweet soul and I’m proud of her for getting out of her fam’s cult!”

Many fans agree in the comments section of the post. One fan writes, “I have said it a million times and I’ll say it again… Who woulda ever thought it’d be Jill leaving and doing her own thing. It still surprises me. She was one of the golden girls. So happy for her though. ♥”

Another adds, “I agree! She’s living her life, not the life her parents wanted her to live! She’s doing what felt right to her. You can still have a relationship with God and not be part of that cult! Good for her and God bless her!”

Others say they are proud of her and that they love who she’s become. It’s safe to say that she’s a fan favorite.

Since Jill left TLC’s Counting On, she has slowly found her true self. Fans have witnessed the Duggar daughter change her style, wear jeans, shorts, and swimwear, pierce her nose, and so much more. She’s been open about using non-hormonal birth control and has sent her son, Israel, to public school. The former TLC star also drinks alcoholic beverages on occasion. These are big changes from how she was raised, and fans are glad they have gotten to see who she’s become via social media.

Jill isn’t the only Duggar who has changed, however. In the comments section of the confession post, one fan says, “So great that Jill has a mind of her own!! It seems Jinger does too!” Jinger has also broken away from her parents’ strict rules over the past couple of years, and fans are loving it.

Duggar Bates Confessions Instagram
Duggar Bates Confessions Instagram

So, is Jill Dillard one of your favorite Duggar family members, too? Have you enjoyed watching the former Counting On star change and grow over the past few years? Let us know in the comments section below.

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