Emily Osment Spills The Tea On Betty White, Says, ‘She’s Got A Mouth On Her!’

Young & Hungry star, Emily Osment, visited the Kelly Clarkson Show to dish about her latest projects and chat about life after child stardom. During the interview, the petit actress was asked about her experience working with television legend, Betty White. Osment was happy to spill the tea on the beloved American icon, though her experience may not be as bubbly as one would expect.

Emily Osment Visits The Kelly Clarkson Show

Earlier this week, Emily Osment stopped by the Kelly Clarkson show to talk about her latest series, Pretty SmartWhile there, the actress was interviewed by the infamous Jay Leno, who was filling in for Clarkson.

While on the show, the young celeb talked about her new series and her recent trip to Sweden. During the interview, Leno asked her about being a child star. He posed the question to both Osment and fellow guest Lea Michele who was also on the stage that day. The ladies quipped about how acting had always been their life, so the craziness of Hollywood was their ‘normal.’ Osment did, however, mention that in her family, education was prioritized ahead of anything else. She thanks her parents for that because she says it kept her head out of the clouds.

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Betty White’s Furry Entourage

About halfway through their chat, Leno asks Emily about her experience working with the legendary Betty White. Emily laughs and smiles the biggest smile. She recalls working closely with the 99-year-old star a few years back when she was on set filming Young & Hungry. 

Emily reveals that working with Betty is a unique experience because you never know what to expect. The 29-year -old celeb recalls Betty filming at least 3 episodes of the hit freeform show alongside her. Osment says that she had no idea that Betty was such an avid animal rights activist. While on set during the filming of the episodes, Emily says that the then 93-year old star came to set with a plethora of exotic animals. Apparently, the elder celeb’s team did not notify producers that she was bringing “a petting zoo,” Which turned it into a fun surprise for the actors and crew of Y&H. 

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As Osment regales Leno with the story, she says that at one point during this escapade, Betty’s crew and an animal handler walk in with a very large scary looking African Lynx. Without any fear, Betty White sits down next to the animal and begins petting it like a domesticated house cat. According to Emily, Betty greeted the Lynx like an old friend. She mimicked White gesturing at a photo of the cat on the screen behind her. “Oh, Betsy! It’s good to see you again,” Osment said in her impersonation. The former Almost Family star’s jaw nearly dropped to the floor watching the interaction. “Wait! You know this cat,” she questioned, remembering her own reaction.

Foul-Mouthed Betty

A lot of Osment’s segment was spent gushing about Betty White and what a wonderful human she is. In addition to being kind and having a huge heart – Betty is also said to have some other…very interesting personality traits.

The 99-year old star is notorious for being a jokester. For years, coworkers have always commented on how she likes to razz people any chance she gets. And, while many think of her as that sweet, ditzy old lady from The Golden Girls, the real Betty White is a lot sharper than you might expect.

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In the clip, Jay Leno comments about despite turning 100 in a little over a month, Betty is still sharp as ever. Emily wholeheartedly agrees. “She is so sharp… and she’s got a mouth on her too man,” she exclaims excitedly. Jay nods his head, chuckling. “I’m glad you said it, not me,” he responds.

Jay and Emily begin to tell the audience about how Betty has a potty mouth and she’s not ashamed of it. Both love her for being full of sass and always representing herself in the most authentic way. The iconic actress is the wonderful human that everyone adores – and somehow her ability to fling f-bombs like candy at a parade has no effect on people’s love for her whatsoever.

You can catch Emily Osment in her latest series, Pretty Smart now streaming on Netflix.





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