Ashley Iaconetti Questions Choosing Clayton Echard As ‘The Bachelor’

Ashley Iaconetti and Clayton Echard via Instagram

Fans have been wondering why producers would choose Clayton Echard as The Bachelor when until a few weeks ago nobody even knew who he was. Bachelor in Paradise alum Ashley Iaconetti is questioning the decision as well. Now that fans are seeing Clayton on The Bachelorette with Michelle Young they still do not quite understand why he was chosen. Keep reading to find out Ashley’s thoughts on The Bachelor. 

Ashley Iaconetti shares thoughts on Clayton Echard as The Bachelor

E!News shared what Ashley Iaconetti had to say about Clayton Echard being cast as The Bachelor. Just like many fans in Bachelor Nation, Ashley isn’t quite seeing why producers would choose him.

She said, “We know he’s filming his season, and we know nothing about this guy.” Ashley continued, “There’s nothing truly charismatic about him. There’s nothing that’s pulling me to get to know him more, so I want to know why the producers picked Clayton to be The Bachelor.”

According to previous reports, there was just something sincere about Clayton that producers fell in love with. Perhaps more of his personality will shine through as Michelle’s season continues. If not, fans will see more of Clayton come January when his season of The Bachelor premieres.

Ashley and Jared via Instagram
Ashley and Jared via Instagram

Ashley’s thoughts on Michelle Young as The Bachelorette

The BIP alum who met and fell in love with now-husband Jared Haibon said Michelle is a great lead. However, Ashley said she feels Michelle’s options for husband material on the show are pretty limited this season.

Ashley said, “Normally I feel like there’s more contenders.” She continued, “There’s definitely a couple: Brandon, Joe, then of course, Nayte who got the first impression rose. Normally I would be able to throw out a few more names, but I’m just a little bit worried.”

Clayton Echard via Instagram

Ashley also shared she really wants fans to watch Michelle’s season. However, she feels that perhaps there’s a little bit of “Bachelor fatigue” since there have been so many seasons nearly back to back.

She also said Michelle is handling herself well this season. Michelle cancelled two rose ceremonies. However, Ashley noted that really the lead knows before the cocktail party what they want to do. There probably isn’t much to change their minds at that point.

What do you think about Clayton Echard so far? Will you be watching his season? Have you been watching Michelle try to find her husband?

Stay tuned for more updates.


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  1. Aww, I really like Clayton! The other guys relationships with Michell seem to be way ahead of his so I see why he didn’t get a rose. I really try not to see spoilers online while watching The Bachelorette or The Bachelor so after seeing Clayton get sent home I looked him up and just learned he’s the next Bachelor! I think the producers made a great choice picking him. My guess is Ashley wanted someone with more freaking drama. Honestly, the stupid middle school drama that’s been written in the past few seasons is quite stupid.

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