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‘Sister Wives’ DOOMED To Be Canceled By TLC?!

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Is Sister Wives DOOMED to be canceled after 16 seasons on the air? Fans fear the future of the series is uncertain after learning Christine Brown made the decision to leave Kody yesterday.

Sister Wives Doomed? Canceled Or Renewed For Season 17

There were a lot of Sister Wives fans who called for the series to be canceled after Season 15. Kody’s family appeared to be falling apart. They weren’t living together. And, the series was no longer what it originally offered when it started. The whole purpose of the TLC series was to give fans a first look at what it was like for a man to have four wives and as many children as Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. But, fans have grown tired of the series as the past few seasons have focused on how Kody’s family is no longer functioning.

Sister Wives Kody Brown - Brown Family

Christine Brown took to Instagram yesterday to reveal her decision to leave Kody. As we previously reported, Kody made a pretty bold move with his statement on their break-up. Today, we reported an inside source has spilled the beans on the lie Kody and his first wife Meri are living. According to this inside source, Meri and Kody Brown are no longer in a relationship. The individual proceeds to claim Kody and Meri just fake their relationship for TV. So, it is possible Meri Brown actually left Kody before Christine. She just hasn’t gone public with it because the family likes that TLC paycheck.

Christine Brown Kody Brown Sister Wives - Youtube
Christine Brown Kody Brown Sister Wives – Youtube

Likewise, there have also been rumors swirling that Janelle Brown is unhappy in her relationship with Kody. Unlike the rest of his wives, Janelle seemed to really want to get back to living under the same roof or on the same property with Kody and his other wives. But, the Season 16 trailer suggests Janelle is also at her wit’s end with her husband. Likewise, fans believe Janelle is actually living with Christine in Utah at the moment to escape the RV life during the winter months.

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Are spin-off shows an option?

Most Sister Wives fans admit they would be open to a spin-off series. Fans would love to see what single life looks like for Christine and/or Meri. Some fans teased a spin-off focusing on what Christine and Meri’s lives look like after dumping Kody would be great. A few fans have even suggested titles involving Escaping Sister Wives or Escaping Kody Brown.

Do you think there is a chance TLC will cancel Sister Wives after the shocking news of Christine and Kody’s split? Is there any chance of the series being renewed for Season 17? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Brown family.

Tune in to watch the Sister Wives Season 16 Premiere on November 21 only on TLC.

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  1. I find it interesting how 20 year olds think they know what’s best for a pandemic that has killed 5.5 million people. Viewers need to remember we are watching showings from months ago – not today. They should all be thankful none of them have gotten seriously ill. People are complaining but this is the reality of plural life. As far as a spin-off with Christine, count me out. I’ve listened to her whine long enough.

  2. I’m in for season 17. Let’s see how everyone is doing. If it sucks, so be it. Maybe it will be more interesting to see how polygamy separation works. After all, Kody still has ton of kids and they will have to interact.

  3. I believe it is time to get all these fake ass bitches off tv. What the hell is so exciting about watching liars when in true reality; POLYGAMY DOES NOT WORK. You all sold ya souls to the devil getting on tv for money. GREED always brings you down and look all y’all can’t stand one another. Robin is such a fake ass crybaby. Kody is a male whore wanting to screw as money as he can.

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