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Break Down Of Kody Brown’s Relationship Status With His 4 Wives

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After the shocking confirmation of the split between Kody and Christine Brown, fans may be wondering what’s going on with Kody and his other three wives. Keep reading for this and more.

Break Down Of Kody Brown’s Relationship Status With His 4 Wives

The stars of Sister Wives have had a lot of ups and downs. Over the last 15 seasons, fans have watched the family dynamic drastically change. For example, in Season 1, the Browns were all living in one home. Then, they moved t0 Las Vegas. With this move, they are all living in the same cul-de-sac. After that, they moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, where there is more distance between the wives’ homes.

Sister Wives Brown Family Youtube
YouTube TLC Sister Wives

Meri Brown

When it comes to first wife, Meri Brown, it appears that things have been rocky in this relationship the longest. Fans note that the divorce so Kody Brown could legally marry and adopt Robyn’s kids may have had a significant role in this. At the time, the Browns told US Weekly:

“We have chosen to legally restructure our family. We made this decision together as a family. We are grateful to our family, frienda and fans for all thier love and support.”

Meri Brown
YouTube TLC Sister Wives

Then, the tension between Kody and Meri Brown seems to worsen when it is revealed that Meri fell victim to a catfish scandal. However, the father of 18 tells Us that he and Meri had been in a “very dark place for a very long time.” While there is speculation that Meri has left Kody, there isn’t anything concrete at this time.

Janelle Brown

The second wife, Janelle Brown, hasn’t made waves regarding her relationship status with Kody. There was some speculation over Summer 2021 about their status since Janelle moved into an RV on the Coyote Pass land after her rental home was sold. Since then, she’s shared a couple of photos of Kody spending time with her.

Sister Wives Janelle Brown
YouTube TLC Sister Wives

She’s also shared photos of things she’s done without Kody’s help. For example, the RV has two massive water tanks. When one needs to be changed, Kody used to be the one to do it. However, Janelle recently shared that Kody wasn’t able to help, so she did it herself.

Christine Brown

As Kody and Christine Brown announced earlier this week, they are no longer together. Christine said that while they weren’t together anymore, they are both committed to their six children. Kody also takes to his Twitter to share his thoughts on the split.

Robyn Brown

For a while, fans have speculated that the only wife that Kody Brown actually wants to have a relationship with is Robyn Brown. The fact that the father of 18 chose to spend most of his COVID quarantine time with Robyn and her kids seemed to seal the deal on why fans feel like that.  As recently as March 2021, Kody told Us that “he wasn’t opposed to having more kids with Robyn.”

Sister Wives Robyn Brown
YouTube TLC Sister Wives

So, it seems like things are still kind of up in the air when it comes to Kody Brown and his three remaining wives. What do you think about what’s going on? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives news.

Don’t forget Season 16 of Sister Wives starts November 21 on TLC.

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