‘600-Lb. Life’ Season 10: Nathan & Amber NEVER Consummated Marriage

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The My 600-Lb. Life Season 10 Premiere airs tonight and it will introduce us to overweight married couple Nathan and Amber Prater.  As those with a Discovery+ account know, the episode drops into the library for streaming in the morning on the day it airs. So, those with a Discovery+ account are able to watch the episode a little early.

The episode shows us a year in the life of Nathan and Amber Prater. While the episode is labeled “Nathan’s Story” and Amber makes it clear early on that she thought this was going to be his journey and she didn’t want to get in the way, it very quickly became about both the husband and the wife. Dr. Now points out that because Amber is overweight the two are going to have to work on weight loss together. Otherwise, Nathan will have a much harder time being successful.

My 600 Lb Life Amber - Nathan TLC


Amber and Nathan both really struggle with weight loss and Dr. Now realizes they have some underlying issues to address. So, he sets them up with therapy. It is during a therapy session that Amber reveals something huge. Turns out, she and her husband Nathan ever actually consummated their marriage.

My 600-Lb. Life: Amber and Nathan have never consummated

As Dr. Paradise began to dig into their relationship, he asked how they met and what first attracted them to each other. Dr. Paradise quickly realized food was a big part of their relationship. So, he urged them to stop eating together and find other ways to bond.

The therapist shifted the conversation a bit and asked what their intimate relationship was like. Amber seemed to shrug off the question before noting that an intimate relationship didn’t really exist between them. Dr. Paradise noted that she seemed to be shut off to the idea of being intimate with her husband and had just accepted it couldn’t happen. Nathan, however, admitted that he wasn’t alright with the current situation and he wanted to be intimate with his wife.

My 600 Lb Life Amber - Nathan TLC

Dr. Paradise dug a little deeper and asked for some information on what their intimate relationship used to look like. This was when Amber admitted that they had never had an intimate relationship.

Nathan and Amber Prater explain that they did make several attempts at being intimate. But, he had a growth that made it physically impossible for them to be intimate.

Do you think Amber and Nathan will find a way to make a more intimate relationship together? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below.

You can watch the My 600-Lb. Life Season 10 Premiere featuring Amber and Nathan tonight on TLC. Or, you can stream it now on Discovery+.


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