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What Happened To Suni Lee? Sasha Farber Opens Up About Her Illness

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Suni Lee really went for a wild ride this week on Dancing With The Stars. No one likes being active when they’re seriously ill, but the 18-year-old pushed through the pain anyway. Her dance partner Sasha Farber recently opened up about her resilience and willingness to perform, even while ill.

Suni Lee is definitely a fighter

Sasha Farber admitted to Us Weekly that Queen Night has been one of the hardest nights yet. In other words, it was not a great time for Suni Lee to get sick. But even so, she remained committed and determined.

“The poor girl started to feel really sick on Tuesday, and it got worse and worse. We had to miss rehearsals. Today was actually the first time she did the relay because she couldn’t do it last night. I danced with a mannequin [in rehearsals],” Sasha explained. He noted that Suni would pause to throw up, but would keep trying anyway. It really sounds like the poor Olympian caught some sort of stomach bug.

Suni held it in for as long as she could during her Paso Doble to “We Will Rock You” with Sasha.

“Right before the dance started … we were standing in the tunnel, and she just kinda, like, 10 seconds in, vomited in her mouth and tears started to come out and she started walking away, saying, like, ‘No, I can’t do it.’ I was like, ‘Suni, you’ve got this. Come on. This is game time,’” the pro dancer went on to say. “And she turned around and she was, like, holding it in, and she held it in for a minute 35 and then the second the dance was over, she ran to a trashcan.”

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Suni was noticeably absent when it was time for scoring. Tyra Banks informed the audience that Suni simply wasn’t feeling well.

Even though Suni Lee performed while sick, she and Sasha Farber still managed to score well. They earned three 8s and one 9 from the judges.

The young Olympian makes it through to the relay round and it pays off

Many weren’t sure if Suni Lee would feel well enough to compete in the relay portion of the competition, but she pushed through. Sasha couldn’t be prouder.

Dancing With The Stars/Instagram

“We’re all saying to her, like, ‘You’re going to regret this tomorrow if you don’t do this.’ Because they would have played the dress run, and that’s where she was — the poor thing was, you know, walking. So, she was like, ‘OK, you know what? I’m going to do it.’ And the power of the other pros and celebrities cheering around in that relay, like, that’s the most smiling and most passion [she showed]. She really dug deep and she did it,” the 37-year-old pro proudly told Us Weekly.

He hopes that she feels better soon, as do all of us.

Keep checking back with us! We’ll keep you updated with the latest Dancing With The Stars news as soon as we know more.

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