What Does Val Chmerkovskiy Think Of The Progress Olivia Jade Made So Far?

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Hard work really does pay off! Weeks after Olivia Jade and Val Chmerkovskiy found themselves in the bottom two, the two really managed to turn things around. By the end of Queen Night, it became abundantly clear that the two have a real shot at the Mirrorball Trophy.

Were you shocked to see just how well they performed last night? Keep reading to see what Val had to say about Olivia Jade’s work ethic.

Val Chmerkovskiy is really proud of the progress Olivia Jade has made so far

Before Olivia Jade made her big debut on Dancing With The Stars, many people wondered if she was bratty or entitled. Her dance partner Val Chmerkovskiy wondered the same thing before he met her. But like many of us, he’s really pleasantly surprised at her progress and willingness to learn.

“Honestly, it happens really quickly. It happens in the first five minutes,” the Ukrainian native told ET about the first time he met Olivia Jade. “You know, you get a sense of ‘OK, her tone has, you know, has gratitude in it.’ It has tact and courtesy and grace and, you know, you’re just like, all right this is, first of all, an educated young woman — a very well-spoken young woman. And then, you know, a very kind and gracious young woman and that’s it. After that I was like, all right, I’m gonna do the rest, you know? Hopefully she can dance too, and she can.”

Val went on to say that he believes that dancing is easy, but it’s not always easy to work with someone who lacks gratitude.

All the hard work must really be paying off. Olivia Jade and Val Chmerkovskiy are quickly climbing the leader board! Their Queen Night routine to “Fat Bottomed Girls” really had every audience member completely captivated.

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And that’s not where the action ended. During the relay portion of the night, all four judges chose to award their bonus points to Olivia Jade. They’ve noticed how far she’s come too.

The influencer hopes to change the public’s mind about her after the college admissions scandal

Olivia Jade is a successful 22-year-old influencer. However, most of us hadn’t heard of her until her parents Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli served time for their role in the infamous college admissions scandal. Olivia admits things have been kind of rough for her since. DWTS has been an opportunity to let her true colors shine through.

“It’s scary in general for anybody putting yourself out there and then already being in the public eye, and I feel like most people — besides, you know, my OG subscribers and fans that have watched my YouTube that I’m so grateful for — but I do feel like most people know me for a certain thing and a certain narrative, and I was just really excited that I had this chance to maybe show a different side and to hopefully switch it a little bit. I think the confidence started to come probably, like, maybe week four, week five,” she shared with ET.

Dancing With The Stars/Instagram

What do you think of all the progress Olivia Jade has made so far? Has she changed your perspective of her? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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