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‘LPBW’ Isabel Roloff Shares Scars With Fans, Not Ashamed

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No shame in her game — Isabel Roloff admits she’s proud to share her scars with LPBW fans. What scars is Jacob Roloff’s very pregnant wife getting candid about exactly? Keep reading, we’ve got the scoop.

Jacob’s very pregnant wife puts stretch marks on display

Isabel Roloff shared an absolutely breathtaking baby bump photo on Instagram recently. She was wearing a long-sleeve black open top with a black bra underneath. Her baby bump was exposed for the world to see. Isabel Roloff did nothing to filter this photo or hide her stretch marks. Instead, she put them on display in all of their glory.

Jacob and Isabel Roloff via Instagram
Jacob and Isabel Roloff via Instagram

The photo featured a glowing Isabel Roloff that was clearly feeling herself as she gazed at the camera seductively while toying with her hair. Her choice in all black paired with her milky pale complexion and her gorgeous, long red tresses.

The mother-to-be was glowing as she proudly flaunted that baby bump and those stretch marks for the camera.

Isabel Roloff admits she didn’t want pregnancy scars

Now, Isabel Roloff admits that LPBW fans probably couldn’t tell by this incredible photo… But, she was not always looking forward to or embracing her pregnancy scars. In fact, she admits there was a time where she had hoped she could make it through the pregnancy without getting any stretch marks.

She, however, seemed to recognize that was a bit silly as stretch marks just come with the territory of being pregnant. Likewise, she knows there are tons of products on the market for reducing stretch marks if she decided she wanted to take that route.

Check out her gorgeous baby bump photo putting those stretch marks on display along with her official statement on her pregnancy scars down below:

Isabel Roloff Instagram
Isabel Roloff Instagram

She penned in her caption: “I thought maybe I’d escape pregnancy stretch mark free. How silly that was something I desired at all. Even after following so many people in this community who normalize stretch marks, they’re still not *fully* accepted or desirable. I was allowing myself to believe the lie that I’d be less valuable with them.”

But the thing is, after eight months of growing this miracle in my belly, I don’t look in the mirror with disgust like I thought I might.

I look at them with pride. I see them as badges of honor. I did this. I grew a human. And I have the scars now to prove I did.”

With this being Isabel Roloff’s pregnancy, it is understandable she wasn’t sure what to expect or how to feel about stretch marks. But, now that she has them, she seems to be embracing them fully.

LPBW Instagram
Instagram Isabel Roloff

Audrey and Isabel bond during their pregnancies

Audrey Roloff was one of the first to drop into the comments to praise Isabel for being a beautiful mother-to-be. Isabel admitted recently she’s been talking to Audrey a lot as they both experience the joys of pregnancy at the same time.

She looks forward to giving birth around the same time as Audrey. Isabel and Audrey hope their children will be the best of friends because of how close in age they will be. Moreover, Isabel Roloff admits she appreciates all of the knowledge Audrey has been able to provide her with about pregnancy and motherhood.

Isabel Roloff Audrey Roloff Instagram
Isabel Roloff Audrey Roloff Instagram

LPBW fans dote on how beautiful Isabel Roloff is

Here’s some of what Isabel Roloff’s other fans had to say about her gorgeous photo and her beautifully penned caption:

  • “I think of my kids each time I see them. They make me smile.”
  • “They are like your own personal road map to motherhood.”
  • “And a bonus, they sparkle in the sun.”
  • “You look beautiful and strong. I loved being pregnant, I felt feminine and powerful. Stretch marks are definitely just another way of showing how we grow to make room for our little loves.”
  • “Mother Nature give you tattoos as well. Reminds you of the beautiful little humans you carried into this world.”

Most informed Isabel Roloff her pregnancy scars were memories on her body of her children that would stay with her forever. Some referred to them as roadmaps. Others referred to them as Mother Nature’s tattoos. There were even some fans who admitted stretch marks could be difficult to accept. But, it was also alright to struggle with accepting them too.

LPBW Instagram
LPBW Isabel Roloff Instagram

Do you find Isabel Roloff’s thoughts on pregnancy scars to be relatable? Do you think most pregnant women dread the idea of getting stretch marks? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back as we wait for this beautiful bundle of joy to be born!

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