Jazz Jennings Fat-Shamed By Family For Weight Gain In Season 7

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In our 2021 update of Jazz Jennings, we learned the young TLC star struggled with massive weight gain. TLC recently dropped a trailer teaser for Season 7 of I Am Jazz. That teaser reveals the reality TV personality did NOT receive a lot of love and support from her family as she struggled with her weight gain.

In fact, Jazz Jennings reveals she was fat-shamed and humiliated by those who were meant to love and support her.

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Jazz Jennings – YouTube

Jazz Jennings 2021 update: TLC star gains massive weight

Back in June of this year, Jazz Jennings offered her followers and fans a 2021 update. She decided to showcase the massive amount of weight gain. She showed a photo of what she used to look like. And, she put a photo beside it of what she looked like after putting on nearly 100 pounds.

Jazz explained to her followers posting this photo and getting real with her fans about it was her way of holding herself accountable. She admitted that she had an eating disorder. A disorder that not only made her addicted to food, but it caused her to eat large quantities of food when she did eat. Because of her eating disorder, Jazz Jennings gained nearly 100 pounds in just two years.

Jazz Jennings 2021 Update: Substantial Weight Gain, Ready For Change

She was fat-shamed, humiliated by her family

TLC dropped the first look at Season 7 of I Am Jazz on YouTube recently. The clip was nearly three minutes long. It gave fans some ideas on what to expect from the upcoming season of the series. Devastatingly, Jazz Jennings admitted during a confessional that she does receive a lot of fat-shaming from her family. She added that the fat-shaming she receives from her family leaves her feeling humiliated as opposed to loved and supported.

The teaser shows several of Jazz’s loved ones hounding her about putting too much butter on her food. Her family also admitted they were a little horrified to learn what she thought was acceptable to eat for breakfast.

I am Jazz - Jazz jennings - Instagram
Jazz jennings – Instagram

Will Season 7 focus on Jazz Jennings losing weight?

Shows focused on weight loss seem to be the real bread and butter for TLC. So, it would be no surprise if the highlight of I Am Jazz Season 7 was her battle to drop the 100 pounds she had gained in the past two years.

In response to the teaser, many fans note what they see in the clip isn’t actually fat-shaming. While they feel bad that it hurts Jazz’s feelings, they point out her family is just trying to help her get the weight back off.

Are you surprised to learn Jazz Jennings was fat-shamed and humiliated by her family amid her massive weight gain? Do you agree with some fans insisting it didn’t really feel like fat shaming? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on I Am Jazz.

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  1. Very sad, but Jazz admitted she was an over-eater. She should have gotten therapy and gone to Overeaters Anonymous. Telling an obese, overweight person that they are beautiful no matter how much they weigh is a lie. it is simply not true and is the same as telling a heroin addict that they are beautiful people regardless of what they are doing to themselves. Fat shaming is bad, but being in denial is just as manipulative and is denying the truth. Hopefully Jazz will get help from professionals…she has had identity issues for many years and her obesity is a similar issue. There may be some people with philias, like men who love overweight women, but those are simply psychological fetishes, and once women lose that weight, those men tend to disappear also. Jazz has many on her side, and she can heal from compulsive over-eating.

  2. Ridiculous click bait title on this article . Jaron “jazz Jennings” Bloshinsky isn’t ‘fat shamed on the show. The family is trying to get him to stop eating like a disgusting slob. The mother says Jaron/Jazz depression & binge eating isn’t related to his sex change operation or ‘transness’ …. Sure Jeanette, sure. These parents put their minor prepubescent child on hormones …. Of course there are major issues in his/her life. Jaron/Jazz got accepted into Harvard because of stardom & being so brave & woke yet is too mentally ill to go. Taking another students seat . 40% suicide rate for trans … Jaron/Jazz is off to a rough start

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