Dr. Phil Takes On ‘Cart Narcs’: Who Is YouTuber Agent Sebastian?

Dr Phil McGraw - Cart Narc Youtube

On Thursday, November 4th’s episode, Dr. Phil McGraw takes on controversial YouTuber Agent Sebastian and the Cart Narcs. Cart Narcs and the YouTuber are considered controversial because they take a public shaming approach to not putting their shopping carts back after they load their items into their vehicles.

According to previews and teasers of November 4th’s episode of Dr. Phil, McGraw does NOT agree with Agent Sebastian’s methods. And, he claims to have evidence on why it doesn’t work.

Cart narc youtube

Dr. Phil McGraw takes on Cart Narcs

During November 4th’s episode of Dr. Phil, the TV personality takes on controversial YouTuber Agent Sebastian. During the episode, he will come face-to-face with one of his “victims.” After previously being busted by the YouTuber, Tromaine confronts Sebastian on Dr. Phil and explains why he thinks what the YouTuber is doing with Cart Narcs is wrong.

This episode of Dr. Phil also features a radio and TV host named Mel Grieg. Mel has a tragic story of a prank that happened in 2012 that resulted in a suicide. Academic Dr. Nicholas John also joins Dr. Phil McGraw to dig deep into what drives Agent Sebastian to go after these people and manage the Cart Narcs channel in the first place.

Lastly, the episode will also feature a social media lawyer named Ethan Wall. Dr. Phil brings the lawyer in to discuss if there are any legal ramifications for what the YouTuber is doing with Cart Narcs. Is Agent Sebastian breaking the law with his YouTube channel?

car narc youtube

Who is YouTuber Agent Sebastian of Cart Narcs?

In August of last year, Agent Sebastian of Cart Narcs appeared on a podcast called Unlicensed Therapy. The podcast was an hour and a half long. During the podcast episode, the Cart Narc himself discusses what it is like being behind the scenes of his YouTube Channel. If you are interested in learning more about who the YouTuber is, you can click here to listen to the podcast.

Turns out, the internet is pretty divided with their thoughts on Agent Sebastian. Some consider Cart Narcs to be heros. Others, however, consider Sebastian to be an “insufferable a**hole.”

Ultimately, however, the purpose of his YouTube channel is to shame individuals after he busts them for not taking their carts back to the corrals or into the stores after they finish unloading them. The controversy comes in as people ask whether what he is doing is wrong and whether what he is doing makes a difference.

Will Dr. Phil change Agent Sebastian of Cart Narcs?

Will Dr. Phil change the ways of Agent Sebastian and end the Car Narcs YouTube channel? A quick scroll through the YouTube channel reveals it has been less than a week since the last video was uploaded. So, making an appearance on Dr. Phil this week hasn’t encouraged Sebastian to hold off on posting additional videos.

On Reddit, there is some debate on whether Dr. Phil should even air an episode going after the Cart Narcs. The chatter on Reddit notes the hypocrisy of Dr. Phil having an issue with the ways of the Cart Narcs. One individual points out the whole point of Dr. Phil is to publicly shame people into changing their ways. So, this week’s episode of Dr. Phil is a man publicly shaming a person to tell him why publicly shaming people is wrong.

Tune in Thursday, November 4th to watch Dr. Phil McGraw take on Agent Sebastian of the Cart Narcs.

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  1. he should be charged with harassment!!!! as a disabled person, doing grocery shopping is extremely painful and he maybe could put the cart away for others, or he could MIND HIS OWN BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!

    1. You are likely just a fat ass or what we call handy fat. I use a wheelchair and have no problem putting my cart back or putting it back for others. You should be thanking him for the service that he does for people that are disabled when he moves carts out of the handicap spots.

  2. Like Dr Phil ever shops at a Walmart and has to worry about how many free rolling carts are going ram into his vehicle or any of his children or grand children!! What gives him the right to comment?
    I’ve been putting other people’s carts away for years now. I consider it to be my form of self enforced community service. You be surprised at how many people will leave their carts right next to their neighboring cars. You would also be surprised at how many people will lend a hand to not only put their carts away, but to help you put other carts away once they see you tending to help the situation.
    Put your cart away and take another cart with you. Showing a good example will get you a better response.
    Be kind!! You will catch more flies with honey than vinegar
    You probably won’t get as many hits on social media, after all bad news and situations travel faster than the good.
    I consider myself to be a TRUE CART PATROL!! I DONT SHAME PEOPlE AND I dont post the nonsense. Sabastion clearly does this for another reason. To get recognition for being a jerk!! Congratulations Dr. Phil, you have assisted him in his infamous journey. Can you please reward me for my bad behavior???

    1. I agree. If Sebastian were that concerned about abandoned carts in parking lots, he’d just return them himself and call it a day. However, he’d much rather shame people, go after them, taunt them in his quirky voice full of sarcasm, and then mess with their vehicles by sticking magnetic signs on them. Not a good idea to mess with the cars. The only thing he accomplishes is ticking people off. I doubt if he’s converting anyone to better behavior. Perhaps he needs to remember that the next person he angers just might have a gun. And then what? Getting shot over a shopping cart? I can think of better causes for which I’d be willing to sacrifice my life.

  3. My thought for the “Cart Narc”. It is frustrating that people don’t return their carts. But have you not though that you could be putting people in danger when you post them?? What if they are hiding from certain people. What if you show someone that is in danger??? How bout instead of shaming and poking. U go get a job as “cart boy”.

    1. “How bout instead of shaming and poking. U go get a job as “cart boy”.”
      That’s something the Cart Narcs get all the time – here’s an analogy from them that might make a bit more sense for you. Hotel housekeeping gets paid to clean your hotel room, but would you want to make life harder for them by taking a dump in the sink? So if you leave the cart out, blocking handicapped spaces, letting the cart roll into others’ cars, you’re not only making life harder for other customers but for the actual workers too, who only get paid to take trolleys from the cart return.

  4. It is more courteous to park your cart in the cart corral. However, it is not the law. This guy has no right to try to force people to do something they are not required to do. And, by the way, I do not believe what Dr. Phil does is “shaming.” He tries to help people who come on his show willingly. The people in these cart narc videos were not willing participants and are not required to do anything the cart narc thinks they should do. Maybe this cart narc should take up a cause that really helps people rather than trying to shame people into doing what he thinks they should be doing.

  5. Dr. Phyllis needs to stop what he’s doing. All he does is crap advice out of his ass & wipes with your people’s $$$.

  6. You notice the cart narc picks his grocery stores and the patrons ever so carefully. Try that shit in downtown Louisville or Cleveland and let’s see how much shot he gives. I’ll give him less than 30 minutes before he gets the shit beat out of himself or worse. I reckon he feels like a big man harassing law abiding citizens. Wait till it’s a biker or a couple brothers, love to see t(at video.

    1. Lol, are people willing to go to jail for causing bodily harm to someone while evidence of the confrontation has been rolling from the very beginning? “Law abiding citizens.” Exactly, as the “theory” asserts: people who don’t return their carts are incapable of self-governance, and will only do the right thing when a greater outside force like “the law” dictates. Otherwise, they’re self-centered, careless, and lazy at best; sociopathic at worst.

      What a tough guy you are. I’m so proud of you, man. You’ve managed to compensate swimmingly, albeit unsubtly, for your self-analysis and intellectual shortcomings simply by choosing violence as a first response. Genius, really.

    2. You would love to see that video lmao…. Weird guy! By your defence of lazy people you must not have your life in order…. Return your cart son

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