Lifetime Inks Two-Picture Deal With ‘Grey’s’ Alum Sarah Drew

Lifetime signs Photo: Sarah Drew Credit: Copyright 2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Brownie Harris

Sarah Drew has had two of the most successful movies ever on Lifetime. Now, the network has signed her up with an exclusive deal that should make Grey’s Anatomy fans happy in 2022.

Here are the details.

Sarah Drew Signs Lifetime Deal For Original Christmas Movie

Sarah Drew has just signed on to star in two original Lifetime movies. According to Deadline, the One Summer actress is not only going to act but also write and executive produce a new It’s A Wonderful Lifetime movie. The name of the movie is Reindeer Games.

Sarah Drew has written the original script for Reindeer Games. This story follows a “fading Hollywood star” who heads back to his small town, after a very public breakup. In town, he is guilted into participating in the town’s big fundraiser, called Reindeer Games.

Moreover, his fiercest competition is someone he went to school with but totally ignored. She certainly remembers him, and she wants to “beat him at all costs.” Could he eventually win her heart? We will have to wait and see.

Currently, the movie is in development. Although there are no air dates for this movie, we can hope that it will be out in 2022.

Sarah Drew Will Film Ripped From The Headlines Movie

When Lifetime is not getting all holly and jolly over the holidays, they are known for their thrillers. And nothing is more thrilling than true-life stories that are Ripped from the Headlines. Sarah Drew’s second Lifetime movie is called Stolen Hearts. In this movie, she plays Lizbeth Meredith. Her ex-husband has kidnapped their daughters and brought them to Greece.

In Stolen Hearts, Lizbeth kisses her daughters goodbye. They are going to spend some “non-custodial” time with her ex-husband, the man who abused her during their marriage. A few days later, Lizbeth discovers her ex-husband has taken the girls to Greece, without her permission. They have been kidnapped!

Now Lizbeth has to carefully get to Greece and find her daughters. However, if she makes any mistakes, her ex will go into hiding and she will never see her daughters again. Moreover, she has to protect herself. He promised if she made any mistakes he would kill her!

This means that she spends two full years going between the White House and Greece. She “burns through” every single penny she has. Lizbeth asks for every favor she can. She needs every possible resource. Most of all, she is determined. She loves her daughters and nothing will stop her from getting them back home safely.

Tanya Lopez, Lifetime & LMN’s EVP Scripted Content is thrilled to have Sarah on her team. “We are thrilled to have Sarah back with Lifetime in this powerful role as Lizbeth.” In addition, she stated, “Sarah is such a versatile actress who is not only engaging and collaborative, but also a wonderful creative partner.”

Lifetime signs Photo: Sarah Drew Credit: ©2020 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Gabriel Hennessey
Lifetime signs Photo: Sarah Drew Credit: ©2020 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Gabriel Hennessey

What Are Sarah Drew’s Top Lifetime Projects?

While Sarah Drew fans know she is very versatile, she is best known on Lifetime for her two Christmas movies. They are Christmas Pen Pals, and Twinkle All the Way. Both movies are fan favorites. Surely, her next two projects will add to that prestigious list.

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