‘Pump Rules’: Is Katie Maloney Feuding With Raquel Leviss?

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Katie Maloney is already feuding with Tom Sandoval. The two clash on Season 9 of Pump Rules. She revealed that she doesn’t like the name of their new bar, Schwartz & Sandy’s. In fact, it hasn’t been a hit with anybody, even the fans.

But that hasn’t stopped the two from moving forward with their name. Tom Schwartz said that Kate’s feud with Sandoval will get “ugly” this season. It turns out that the two have a “complicated” relationship with one another. Apparently, that’s not the only feud that’s happening in the Vanderpump Rules universe.

Read on to learn more about Katie’s recent feud with Raquel Leviss.

Katie Maloney claps back at Raquel Leviss

Last Monday, Raquel Leviss and James Kennedy made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. The model said she was surprised that Katie Maloney didn’t “butt out” of her husband’s plans to open a new bar with Tom Sandoval. She had a feeling that his wife was probably “bored with her life.” Katie called out Raquel’s comments on a podcast, which she called “hilar.”

“I don’t know where that came from,” Katie Maloney said on the Tuesday, October 26 episode of Not Skinny but Not Fat. “She said I need to butt out and I must have just been bored with my life. It’s like whoa [laughs]. I mean, listen it’s just kinda hilar[ious]. When someone who like doesn’t know anything about my life talks about my life.”

[Credit: Katie Maloney/Instagram]
[Credit: Katie Maloney/Instagram]
This might cause a feud between the two. However, Raquel’s comments may come as a shock to VPR fans. She’s known for her sweet and kind disposition. She probably didn’t mean anything by it when she said that Katie is “bored with her life.”

On the other hand, James’ bad behavior could be rubbing off on his fiance. During the interview, Katie compared Raquel to an online troll.

Is there another Vanderpump Rules feud?

Tom Schwartz’s wife couldn’t wait to get her digs into Raquel. Katie Maloney felt like Raquel’s comment sounds like something that would come from a social media troll. The reality star was quick to defend herself.

She explained that she wanted to get involved because Schwartz is her husband. Of course, she’s going to get involved with something that’s important to him. Katie doesn’t get why Raquel would say something like that. According to her, the remark sounds like it comes from someone who doesn’t know her too well.

[Credit: Raquel Leviss/Instagram]
[Credit: Raquel Leviss/Instagram]
“It’s kinda like the people in the comments section,” Katie Maloney continued. “That’s funny you talk about the things you know nothing about. Like, she never asked about my life. So for her to know if I’m bored or not. Listen, I get bored with things. I’ll move on from things. But I wasn’t bored with my life. That’s not why I want to get involved. I want to get involved because it’s my husband.”

What are your thoughts on the Raquel-Katie feud? Whose side are you taking? Sound off below in the comments section. Vanderpump Rules Season 9 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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