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Jill Dillard Stands Up To Jim Bob Duggar, Breaks Free From His Control

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Duggar fans have known about Jill Dillard’s rocky relationship with her parents Jim Bob and Michelle. However, fans didn’t know the extent of what was going on between them. For those who may not know, Jill and her husband Derick Dillard were previously on Counting OnHowever, they now say that one of the reasons they left the show is because they weren’t compensated for their time.

Over the years, Jill and Derick have slowly opened up about their relationship with her parents. She revealed that she has had to set boundaries, so they aren’t always invited to certain events. Of course, because Jill and Derick haven’t fully disclosed all of the details of the relationship, it’s been unclear just how bad things were. Now, a source has come forward and talked about Jill and her parents. As it turns out, the Duggar daughter has been attempting to break free from her parents’ control and has been brave enough to stand up to them.

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Jill Dillard was forced to be on TV and participate in interviews.

Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball has been speaking to sources close to the Duggar family to learn more information. According to a recent post from Katie, Jill has been attempting to stand up to Jim Bob and set boundaries in their relationship. She seems to be making strides and trying to break free from her dad’s control.

In her new post, Katie reveals, “Jill is the only daughter of Jim Bob to stand up to him. Multiple sources tell me that Jill & Jessa Duggar were forced to interview with Megyn Kelly in 2015. Jill Duggar allegedly did not want to do the interview with Kelly. However, Jim Bob allegedly pressured the girls to speak & downplay what happened to them.”

Then, Katie continues, “Jill Duggar also did not want to be on Counting On from the very beginning. She & Derick were allegedly tricked into signing a contract to go into the mission field that they did not understand. Jill & Derick worked hard to get an opportunity to serve in Central America. They were not allowed to go & had to keep filming.”

Jill later wanted to learn the truth about her childhood and what happened when she was growing up. This was hard for her, and she gained a lot of new information. Katie explains, “When she finally learned the truth, she reportedly cut off contact with her parents. Jill allegedly learned that Jim Bob lied to them about their contract, misled them about people in their lives, covered up years of s*xual abuse by Josh, and pushed out anyone that tried to intervene to help the girls.”

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How is the Duggar daughter today?

Fans who follow Jill on social media are happy to see her thriving. Though the days still may be hard, she seems to be growing, learning, and becoming her own person. She’s started wearing pants, pierced her nose, and sent her son to public school. Though these aren’t groundbreaking decisions for most people, it shows she’s making progress and breaking free from her parents’ control.

Katie’s source also revealed what’s going on with Jill outside of social media. Katie writes:

“Jill has gone through extensive therapy to heal from the trauma of her childhood. She has limited contact with the bulk of her siblings. At this point, Jim Bob has so much control over the remaining kids that Jill allegedly needs to protect herself & kids from all of them. Do not underestimate Jim Bob’s ability to try to smear or plant stories that could be unfavorable to Jill or Derick in the press. Sources tell me that Derick Dillard hates Jim Bob Duggar. Derick is the only son-in-law that has dared to go up against Jim Bob. Expect in the future for more details to come out. I know Derick wants to write a book. But I expect that they will reveal everything on their own time. Jill is the only one in the family that has broken the cycle.”

So, are you glad to see that Jill Dillard is doing her own thing and moving past her parents’ rules and control? Do you think any of her siblings will follow in her footsteps? Let us know in the comments section below.

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