‘Bachelor’ Alum Jamie Otis Reveals How RV Life Is Going [VIDEO]

Jamie Otis Doug Hehner/Instagram

Jamie Otis has been living the RV Life with her family for just over a week now. She shared an update on her social media about how it’s going. Keep reading for all the details.

Bachelor alum, husband Doug Hehner move to RV amid marriage troubles

Jamie Otis and her husband, Doug Hehner, are trying to prove the seven-year itch is a myth. The couple who met on the reality show Married At First Sight admit to struggling in their marriage just a few months after their seventh wedding anniversary.

Credit: Jamie Otis/Instagram
Credit: Jamie Otis/Instagram

The couple teased a big announcement for their family. While many fans speculated Otis might be pregnant again, that wasn’t the big news. Rather, the couple and their two kids sold their spacious home to move into a cramped RV.

Hehner and Otis share two kids, daughter Henley, 4, and son Hendrix, 15 months. How is RV Life treating the MAFS couple?

Credit: Jamie Otis/Instagram
Credit: Jamie Otis/Instagram

Jamie Otis shares RV Life update

Going from a huge house to a small recreational vehicle is proving quite the challenge for the Bachelor alum and her family. Doug Hehner took to his Instagram earlier this week to give a small update on the experience. Is the family loving RV life?

Not so much, from the looks of the video.

In the short clip, Jamie Otis sits in a chair having a snack. At her knee is Hendrix, reaching up for a taste. However, when mom tries to hand him a piece, the tot rejects it.

The text on the video reveals some of the struggles the family-of-four faces in their new home.

“RV life means we are cramped and everything is in one place. Oh, and Hendrix is hangry All. The. Time..” – Doug Hehner, Instagram.

Hendrix is a big boy now [Video]

Hendrix is hangry and mom has a snack. In a second video, Hehner reveals the outcome of that precarious situation. Jamie Otis gave her son the snack he wanted. The toddler happily noshes on the treat as his dad remarks what a “big boy” he is.

How do you feel about living in an RV? Does it surprise you that Jamie Otis and her family are having trouble getting used to the RV Life? Will the close quarters save or destroy her marriage? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The couple is documenting the experience on social media, so be sure to check back with us often for updates.

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