‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Bennett Jordan Engaged?!

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Is former Bachelorette star Bennett Jordan engaged? Keep reading to find out how the fan-favorite responded to the question from an Instagram follower.

Missing in action on Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise

When Tayshia Adams sent Bennett Jordan packing, fans were sure he’d find his way to the beach. In fact, ABC exec Robert Mills dished in October of 2020 that Jordan had “secured” a spot on Bachelor in Paradise. However, the robe-loving fashionista wasn’t among the Season 7 cast.

Instead, he went on a cross-country road trip, which he documented on his Instagram.

Credit; Bennett Jordan/Instagram
Credit; Bennett Jordan/Instagram

Bennett Jordan goes Instagram-official with new lady love

Did Bennett Jordan skip BiP because he was already seeing someone? Bachelor Nation alums Brendan Morais and Pieper James came under fire for joining the show while in a relationship with each other.

Tayshia’s ex went Instagram-official with Yoga instructor Emily Chen in September. However, it’s unclear when the two started dating. Now that they’ve gone public, they make regular appearances on each other’s Instagram accounts. Is she the one for him?

Is Bachelorette alum Bennett Jordan engaged?! See his response

Bennett Jordan recently opened up his DMs for questions from fans. One follower wanted to know if Bennett and Emily are engaged, or even married?

The Bachelorette alum posted a video of his epic response. His response came in two different parts – a caption written on the video and what he actually said in the video. In the lengthy caption, he discusses believing “in the process” of dating.

“I know [Bachelor Nation] loves the 3-4 day sequence of meeting and proposing, but as someone who has had 6.5, 5.5, and 3.5 year long relationships, I’m a believer in the process.”- Bennett Jordan, Instagram

However, he also admits that his relationship with Chen “does feel different” from his previous relationships.

Even though he was only on one season, he actually pursued two different women on Season 16 of The Bachelorette. After Clare Crawley left after finding love with Dale Moss, Bennett stayed on to pursue Tayshia Adams. While he didn’t find love on the franchise, he has a “pro tip” to offer other guys in the franchise.

“You bachelor guys got to realize it’s actually prudent to spend a little more time than a month or a few weeks before you get married or engaged. Pro tip.” – Bennett Jordan, Instagram

He ended the somewhat shady advice with one of his famous winks.

So, as it stands now, Bennett Jordan is neither engaged or married to Emily Chen. However, that could change at any time. Check back with us for all things Bachelor Nation.

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