10 Horror Movies For Halloween On Amazon Prime Video [TRAILERS]

Escape Room horror movie for Halloween on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is perfect for anyone who wants to snuggle up on the couch over the Halloween weekend. The streaming channel has plenty of movies and TV series to choose from. However, this time of year, Amazon Prime Video also has a good selection of new and classic horror, perfect to scare the daylights out of you this weekend. The following are 10 examples to choose from with something for all tastes.

1. Werewolves Within (2021) on Amazon Prime Video

A mix of horror and comedy, Werewolves Within is a feature adaptation of the video game, where werewolves attack a small town. The cast of the horror movie includes Sam Richardson, Milana Vayntrub and George Basil. Meanwhile, according to the synopsis, when a snowstorm hits, the power goes out, trapping the town’s residents in the local inn.

Werewolves Within horror movie for Halloween on Amazon Prime Video
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A newly arrived forest ranger and a postal worker are tasked with trying to keep the peace in the town. Meanwhile, they also need to uncover the truth behind a mysterious creature that is terrorizing the community. Enjoy the trailer, included below.

2. Amazon Original Movie The Manor (2021)

The Manor tells the story of Judith Albright, who moves into a historic nursing home after suffering a minor stroke. Once settled in, she begins to suspect that something supernatural is preying on the residents. However, when she airs her concerns, Judith is told she is showing symptoms of dementia.

In order to escape, Judith will need to convince everyone in the nursing home that she doesn’t actually belong there after all. The movie stars Barbara Hershey, Bruce Davidson and Nicholas Alexander, among others.

3. The Invisible Man (2021) on Amazon Prime Video

Featuring The Handmaid’s Tale star Elisabeth Moss, The Invisible Man tells the story of Cecilia. She is trying to rebuild her life following the death of her abusive partner. However, she soon starts to question whether or not he is truly gone. In the horror/thriller, it turns out her ex has faked his death and has become invisible to stalk and torment her. Her terrifying experience becomes the perfect Halloween binge. Meanwhile, other cast members in the Amazon Prime Video movie include Aldis Hodge and Storm Reid.

4. Escape Room (2019)

Six people from different walks of life participate in an escape room competition to win $1 million. However, it ends up with the participants fighting for their lives under horrifying circumstances. In the meanwhile, they need to use all their wits to find the clues or die. The cast of this ideal Halloween binge includes Taylor Russell, Logan Miller and Deborah Woll.

5. The Purge (2013)

Starring Max Burkholder, Lena Headey, Adelaide Kane, The Purge is a classic 2013 horror movie that has inspired many Halloween costumes. The movie is part of an anthology of dystopian action horror films about a seemingly normal, crime-free America of the near future. However, the country celebrates an annual national holiday known as The Purge, where all crime, including murder, is legal for a 12-hour period.

6. Midsommar (2019) on Amazon Prime Video

Dani is undergoing psychological trauma, which affects her relationship with her lover. They travel to Scandinavia to experience a fabled Swedish mid-summer festival. While they are hoping to mend their relationship, the experience changes their lives forever. Meanwhile, what seems to be an idyllic retreat quickly devolves into a violent and bizarre competition at the hands of a pagan cult. The horror movie stars, among others, Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor and William Jackson.

7. The Lighthouse (2019)

This scary, atmospheric movie from acclaimed filmmaker Robert Eggers (The Witch) is ideal for Halloween. The spellbinding drama stars Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson as two lighthouse keepers on a desolate and stark New England island in the 1880s. Meanwhile, as the days pass by, Winslow, the new keeper, is haunted by strange and mysterious visions.

8. Shutter (2008)

An older movie on Amazon Prime Video, Shutter comes from the producers of The Grudge and The Ring. The terrifying thriller stars Joshua Jackson and Rachael Taylor as two New York newlyweds who travel to Japan on a photographic work assignment. While the couple believes their life is picture-perfect, a horrifying car accident leaves a young girl dead. Meanwhile, Ben and Jane Shaw are left traumatized and terrified by their experiences.


9. Train to Busan (2016)

Train to Busan is a K-Drama horror/thriller movie by renowned director Yeon Sang-ho. who recently directed the terrifying Netflix series Hellbound. In the movie, Seok-woo and his daughter are traveling on a train to Busan for her birthday and to visit his wife. However, their journey turns into a nightmare when they are trapped on the train amidst a zombie outbreak.

10. Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Last, but not least. Shaun of the Dead is another older movie, ideal for a Halloween binge. A mixture of comedy and horror, the movie stars Simon Pegg, Kate Ashfield and Lucy Davis. Meanwhile, the plot revolves around Shaun, a salesman whose life has no direction. However, his boring life takes a sudden and scary turn when he has to single-handedly deal with an entire community of zombies.

Get out the snacks and have fun this Halloween by binging one or more of these horror movies on Amazon Prime Video.

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