‘Bachelorette’ Ashley Hebert Rosenbaum Talks Boyfriend, JP, & Marriage

Ashley Hebert Rosenbaum via Instagram

fFormer Bachelorette¬†Ashley Hebert Rosenbaum is sharing some new information with fans about her life. She’s been a longtime favorite of the franchise and fans were crushed when she and JP Rosenbaum split. They filed for divorce last year stunning Bachelor Nation. Now, it seems they are moving on and figuring things out apart. What does Ashley have to say about her life, dating, and future marriage?

Ashley Hebert Rosenbaum dishes on life after JP

The former lead of The Bachelorette is working on making herself happy. She went to Instagram to do a Q&A with fans recently. She was very honest with her answers as she always is. The pediatric dentist said she loves Florida. She was asked if she would ever move back to Maine. She said no way she needs the warmth.

Another big question Ashley was asked if she is dating someone. She confirmed she is in fact dating. However, she also shared with fans that she’s in no rush to introduce him to her two children or her ex-husband JP. Ashley also said should she fall in love again that she does not want any more children. After she said no she said, “Is that bad?”

As for getting married again someday, Ashley seems to be against the idea. She said marriage complicates things. Ashley said she’d rather just love someone and choose to be with them.

Ashley and JP Rosenbaum via Instagram
Ashley and JP Rosenbaum

Another fan asked Ashley is JP was dating anyone. She replied she didn’t know and then followed up with do you want me to ask him?

Ashley also responded to a question regarding if she and JP are friends. She said, “Define friends?” Then she continued on saying they communicate for the well-being of their children. She followed up by jokingly saying that JP still never laughs at her jokes.

Other interesting details she shared with fans

A fan mentioned they always wondered if Ashley stayed all night in the fantasy suite with Brad Womack. Ashley said, “Is it bad that I don’t even remember? LOL”

She also gave a lot of credit to JP. Ashley said while it’s hard being away from her kids on days they are with JP, she knows that he is an amazing father so she doesn’t worry from that aspect.

Plus, should her kiddos need anything, Ashley revealed JP only lives 8 minutes away from her.

As for her future, she shared she is trying to trust herself more and just be happy.

It was announced this week as well that Ashley and JP’s divorce became final.

What do you think about Ashley sharing so many details with her fans?

Stay tuned for more updates on all your Bachelor Nation faves.


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