‘Storage Wars’: Casey Nezhoda Commands Attention In Tiny Black Dress

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Storage Wars cast member, Casey Nezhoda was giving fans whiplash Wednesday night when she shared a photo of her and Rene on Instagram. The post was just a promotional bit for the newest season which airs next month. Fans however were paying less attention to Casey’s excitement over the show and more attention to the tiny black dress she was spilling out of.

Casey Nezhoda Has Plenty In Her Storage Unit

Storage Wars fans did a double-take when cast member Casey Nezhoda shared a snap on Instagram of her and her husband, Rene. The two were promoting the fourteenth season of the hit A&E  show that will premiere the first week of November.

In the photo, she and Rene sit side by side on a wicker outdoor loveseat. A hefty Rene smiles toothily at the camera with one arm lying on the back of the couch behind his wife. Next to him, Casey sat, cross-legged, her hands posed neatly on her lap, the celeb looked off to the side, smiling for a different camera.

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While the picture of the loving couple is definitely cute, what struck viewers’ attention was Casey’s unexpected sex-kitten appearance. The 47-year old reality star was wearing a skin-tight mini cocktail dress. The midnight black frock had a hemline that landed mid-thigh, leaving the majority of her lean, tan legs exposed. The neckline of the dress was an ultra-low scoop neck that left very little to the imagination when it came to what she has packed in her storage unit.

Fans Say They Are Here For The Storage… And The Cleavage

While it may seem strange, comments on social media over the years have proved that there are a lot of fans who watch the show simply to check out the ladies. Storage Wars castmate, Brandi Passante has experienced this attention time and time again.

It seems that any time Brandi posts on Instagram wearing anything less than a full sweatsuit, the 41-year-old celeb finds herself suddenly inundated with thousands of comments from thirsty fans. Time and time again, viewers will comment that they only watch for her. They are constantly telling her how hot she is or asking her to marry them. They go especially crazy anytime the celeb shows even the slightest bit of skin.

Now, fellow Storage Wars Queen, Casey is discovering that she too has a thirsty fanbase of her very own. In the latest post, the comments ranged from mildly complimentary to… slightly more deviant. Some even commented that her husband needed to drop some pounds or Casey might runoff.

Photo Credit: Instagram


“Casey was literally the only reason I watched that weird show. She did not disappoint,” commented one fan. 
“Enjoy watching you as your [sic] absolutely stunning,” added another.
So, do you think that the ladies of Storage Wars are purposely teasing fans with sexy outfits on social media? Tell us in the comments.
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Season 14 of Storage Wars premiered on Tuesday, November 2, on A&E network.

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