‘Outdaughtered’ Stars Accused Of Siding With Cheaters

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Outdaughtered stars Adam and Danielle Busby are usually a pretty non-controversial couple. Sure, there are flare-ups every now and then about what toys they buy the quints, or what language they use every now and then, but they tend to stay away from real controversy.

Outdaughtered Stars Step In It

It’s possible that when Danielle Busby let it be known who her favorite baseball team was, she didn’t expect the backlash. After all, generally, favorite teams can be sniped at but not blasted.

However, when the reality star took to Instagram to show off her Houston Astros jersey, the comments soon turned rather hostile.

The busy mom showed off the jersey in her post, along with the caption, “LET’S GO ASTROS no better day to wear your favorite jersey that belongs to your husband.” She added several hashtags that further cemented that she was rooting for the Astros, including who the jersey was referencing in Alex Bregman.

It took no time at all for a couple of other Outdaughtered stars to weigh in and share the excitement.

The Houston Astros are currently engaged in a World Series contest with the Atlanta Braves and the two teams have each won a game in the best of seven series. For Houston, this is the first time they’ve returned to the World Series since they were caught using various technological tools, as well as banging codes out on trash cans, in order to cheat to win their last world championship.

Danielle Busby/Instagram

While both Adam and “Uncle” Dale Mills both shared in the fandom of the team, there were plenty of followers who were less than thrilled the family had picked that particular team to root for in the postseason.


Danielle Busby/Instagram

It’s possible that the comment that really got people going was when Dale jumped into the mix.

“Grew up the biggest Braves fan,” he wrote. “But let’s geaux Astros!”

That comment was in a string of others that saw fans battling it out over team loyalty.

“Can’t cheer for cheaters who hurt the great game of baseball,” one follower wrote.

Dale responded with “haha!” and the hashtag #getoverit. That prompted another response from the poster.

“Nope. Maybe if your boys played baseball you would understand.”

Another commenter joined in the fray pointing out the Astros’ cheating scandal was just four years ago.

“Now you know it ain’t been long enough for people to just be ‘over it'” they wrote. “Let’s go Braves!”

Yet another Outdaughtered fan had the same sentiment as several others.

“Noooooo!!!” they wrote. “Once a cheater always a cheater!!! Go Braves!!!!”

Perhaps it’s a good thing that there are – at most – only five more games in this series. There’s rarely that level of argument when it comes to the Outdaughtered stars and their social media.

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