‘LPBW’: Amy Roloff Glowing Like Never Before, Rocking Relaxed T-Shirt

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LPBW star Amy Roloff is glowing like never before as she rocks a relaxed t-shirt in one of her latest Instagram posts. The snap featured the TLC star rocking a relaxed t-shirt that accentuated her curvy bosom. Little People, Big World fans agreed Amy was oozing with happiness and joy in the photo.

She looked incredible and this was a sight of the TLC star that many fans admit they’ve never seen before. Fans agreed they absolutely adored seeing this side of Amy. And, they added that married life looks incredible on her.

Amy Roloff has been glowing in all of her posts lately

LPBW fans agree Amy Roloff had a bit of a “glow up” after she married Chris Marek. Her photos on Instagram have featured a very happy woman who finally looks as though she feels whole and complete. Now, fans do take issue with the fact that she hasn’t changed her last name over to Marek.

But, she’s carried the name Amy Roloff has her brand for her business ventures for so long that it doesn’t make sense for her to change her name. Some fans speculate she might change her name legally at some point in time. They, however, assume she will continue to use Amy Roloff has her business name.

The LPBW star adds relaxed t-shirts to her business

Amy Roloff explained in her Instagram post from yesterday that she added new t-shirts to her shop. They were relaxed t-shirts to be more specific. And, she noted they were extremely “comfy.”

They’re a relaxed boyfriend style shirt, so they already have the fit and softness of a t-shirt that you’ve had and loved for years. The hi-lo hem is super popular right now, and I can see why.”

She added that these relaxed t-shirts were perfect for a day of lounging around the house. She has two different designs available in a plethora of different sizes and colors. Amy gushed about the daisies she used to adorn the t-shirts because of how much she loves that particular flower.

Her Instagram post came complete with her rocking one of the t-shirt designs from her shop. And, she looked fabulous in it!

Amy Roloff Instagram

LPBW fans agree marriage looks great on Amy Roloff

The Instagram post was liked 16,000 times with a little over 200 comments. Despite having 1.3 million followers, Amy usually catches a lot of heat for her business ventures. When she’s cooking, fans take issue with some of her less appealing habits.

And, when she’s pushing a product… Fans tend to take issue with her prices. A quick scroll through her website reveals she’s selling her relaxed t-shirts for $29.99. The price is surprisingly reasonable considering graphic relaxed t-shirts typically cost around $20 at retail stores and Amy is known for hefty price tags.

Here’s some of what her fans had to say about her relaxed t-shirt post:

  • “Marriage agrees with you because you look amazing!”
  • “Amy, you are looking absolutely beautiful.”
  • “Married life second time around truly shows n glows on you!”
  • Litle People Big World - Amy Roloff Instagram

A few asked questions about how to get to her store to look at the t-shirt listing. But, most were focused on how incredible she was looking in her posts these days.

Do you think Amy Roloff looks happier than she’s ever looked before? Do you agree that married life looks great on her? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Little People, Big World family.

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