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Kailyn Lowry Admits To Feeling Like B-List Friend From Co-Stars

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Kailyn Lowry, 29, the owner of the Coffee Convos podcast, shares her early experiences on Teen Mom 2 on her podcast. In the recent episode, MTV star explained that she was never supposed to be on Sixteen and Pregnant Season 2. She was supposed to be on Sixteen and Pregnant Season 3. Kailyn Lowry came in late to the show the star explained she was never the first choice because of this. She was a last-minute exchange to move to Sixteen and Pregnant Season 2. Her co-stars Chelsea Houska and Leah Messer already knew each other really well and were BFFs on the show. Kailyn felt because of that she felt like she was always second best, and an afterthought just a second choice to them. Lowry clarified that the show always contacted co-stars Chelsea and Leah first, and if they were busy, then Kail was contacted last making her feel like a B-list friend.

Kailyn Lowry Explains Her Feelings

Kailyn went on to note that if she was a B list friend to others, she doesn’t give a sh*t. Which is the attitude we all come to expect from her.

During the podcast episode, the MTV star went on to explain her rough relationships with each one of her ex’s. Kail has mellowed more with her age and is less reactive to her ex’s. Kail stated Javi Marroquin still struggles with harder periods knowing her reaction is minimal. For the most part, they get along well.

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Lack of Communication From Chris

Her ex Chris Lopez doesn’t communicate with Kail at all. The mom of four explained her last several text messages to Chris about their two sons being read but ignored with zero response from the father. The relationship with Chris hasn’t improved which she felt was average, but her relationship with ex Jo Rivera has been at its worst. Totally bumping heads, she dislikes him now more than ever.

Kail Shares A Funny Moment

On Instagram recently, Teen Mom star Kailyn shared a rather funny story about her plant. She mentioned she had been saving money for her brand new pool at her new house which meant cutting out unnecessary spending. Her friend Kristen had been helping her with her budget. Kristen informed Kail that she hadn’t been spending unnecessary money lately, but someone cared about her obsession with plants. The mom of four explained she was just excited about her new plant.

Other than Kail’s plants, we’re excited to see her Delaware dream home after its completion and what new pool she has been saving up for. You can catch Kail on Teen Mom 2, updates should be coming to further her baby daddy drama.

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