Jacob Roloff’s Wife Isabel Posts & Deletes ‘Insensitive’ Photo

Jacob Roloff, Isabel Roloff Instagram

Jacob Roloff’s wife Isabel is under fire for a recent Instagram post she made. After receiving lots of backlash, she ultimately decided to take it down. So, what did Isabel post, and why did she get so much negative attention for it?

Isabel and Audrey are bonding over their pregnancies.

On Instagram, Isabel uploaded a photo of herself and her sister-in-law Audrey Roloff. They are both currently pregnant. Audrey will have her third child with her husband Jeremy in November. Isabel and her husband Jacob are expecting their first baby in December. The two have bonded over their pregnancies, and Isabel seems to be very thankful for all of Audrey’s wisdom and support.

However, throughout their pregnancies, fans have expressed concern for Tori Roloff. She’s married to Zach Roloff, who is Jacob and Jeremy’s brother. Sadly, she experienced a miscarriage earlier this year and would have given birth in October. So, she would have been pregnant around the same time as Isabel and Audrey. Fans know this must be really hard on her.

Isabel and Jacob Roloff had a late celebration of their second wedding anniversary

Isabel’s recent post is all about her pregnancy and the bond she’s created with Audrey during this time. She wrote, “So this is it. The final days for you and me only four weeks behind. Thank you, Audrey for answering my MANY questions regarding pregnancy. Never turning me down, always giving me your heart. Can’t wait for these two to be buds. You give birth soon, and then it’s my turn. Love you.”

Shortly after Isabel shared this post, she took it down. On RedditLittle People, Big World fans are talking about it, and many of them think this post is “insensitive” with Tori’s miscarriage in mind. One user speculates, “According to the story she posted, sounds like people probably accused her of trying to hurt tori by posting this?”

Isabel Roloff Instagram

Jacob Roloff’s wife Isabel shares a fan response to the deleted photo.

After Isabel deleted the picture, a fan sent her a message, apologizing for leaving a negative comment on her post. She later shared the message on her Instagram stories, giving fans a glimpse into what goes on in her direct messages. Based on this message, it looks like Isabel was receiving a lot of comments about her pregnancy following Tori’s miscarriage. In her story, Isabel encourages her followers to “think before we comment.”

Isabel Roloff Instagram

Isabel also shared a story, explaining her decision to delete the post. She claims she wouldn’t intentionally hurt anyone with her post.

Isabel Roloff Instagram

So, do you think Isabel Roloff’s post was insensitive? Do you feel like there’s another reason she could have deleted it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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