‘SW’ Happy Meri Brown Leaves Kody In The Dust?

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Sister Wives fans have watched Meri Brown start over with a new lease on life, sans husband, Kody Brown. The TLC reality celeb seems to be happier than ever. Earlier this week, Meri shared a photo meme via her Instagram stories that alluded to some serious shade-throwing towards her ex.  Read on to find out why Meri thinks the Brown family patriarch will never truly be happy.

The End of An Era

Meri Brown has been smiling a lot more than fans are used to. Since making the move to Utah after her mother passed away, Meri has taken her happiness into her own hands and it’s certainly starting to show.

While the reality celeb played a big part in the fifteenth season of Sister Wives, it was in a very diminished capacity compared to some of the other wives. While Meri Brown was Kody’s first wife, the two did officially divorce so that he could legally marry his fourth wife, Robyn. The pair remained ‘spiritually married,’ though that never really seemed to make a difference in how she was treated by her ‘husband.’

After Kody expressed that he had no feelings left for Meri – things quickly started falling apart. Despite Meri’s best efforts to rekindle their relationship, it ended up being a lost cause. Kody refused to visit, sleep with or express affection of any kind with Meri. This culminated in a very awkward 30th anniversary ‘date’ where Kody refused to even peck-kiss his wife of nearly three decades. The shunned sister-wife eventually realized that there was nothing left in the situation for her and has started moving on, creating a life without Kody in it.

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Meri Brown Has A New Lease On Life

Meri and Kody Brown don’t agree on much – but they are pretty clear on one thing. They want nothing to do with each other – in any capacity. So, without the impending doom of the marriage and a failing relationship over her head, Meri has been exploring the terrain of a husband-free life.

After Meri’s mom, ‘Grandma Bonnie,” passed away earlier this year, Meri moved back to Utah and has taken over the family business. The 50-year old best-selling author is currently running the bed and breakfast that has been her family’s pride and joy for years.

After the split went public, fans have noticed that Meri’s social media has slowly started to portray a much happier, more fulfilled Meri. The TLC star is now living for her own happiness and is less worried about pleasing her husband.

Meri enjoys posting about her business, her travels, and spending time with her close friends and fur babies. At one point she even posted about finding new love after the wreckage of her relationship with Kody. While she still hasn’t introduced her new love interest – fans were excited for her. They had high hopes that Meri would find herself in a relationship with someone who really saw and appreciated her.

Meri Throws Shade At Her ‘Unappreciative’ Ex

While she is thriving outside of her polygamous relationship, Meri can’t help but still have some negative feelings. After watching her husband of 30 years bouncing from wife to wife, all of whom bent over backward to give him everything he wanted, it’s very clear who got the short end of the stick.

Now, as Meri starts the process of rediscovering herself, she is starting to realize that Kody may never achieve the kind of happiness she has found. Why? because Meri believes that you cant be happy if you are constantly seeking fulfillment from a new source.

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In an Instagram story posted earlier this week, Meri shared a photo meme that read, “Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have.”

While it may sound innocent, fans think it’s a direct jab at Kody, who divorced her to marry Robyn. Kody focused on growing his unit of domesticated, obedient women. Unfortunately, he never took the time to appreciate when he had them. This definitely applies to Meri’s situation, however, it’s likely she’s referencing the other ladies as well.

All in all, it seems that Meri Brown doesn’t believe that Kody will ever find true happiness until he can start appreciating his blessings rather than just collecting them.

Stay tuned to Tv Shows Ace for all the latest on your favorite Sister Wives stars. Be sure to catch Meri Brown on new episodes when they return to TLC in November 2021.

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