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Kailyn Lowry Explains Creed Being Bowlegged, Other Health Issues

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Kailyn Lowry, 29, from Teen Mom 2, shares concerns for her son one-year-old son Creed. A fan probed the question for the teen mom after seeing Creed walking in a video Kail posted in their dream home in Delaware, asking why the baby’s legs looked so far apart that her child too walked like that and she was concerned. To which the teen mom responded publicly that her son’s legs are bowlegged and he’s seen an orthopedic specialist who keeps an eye on his growth since her child with Chris Lopez was bowlegged as well and grew out of it.  Kailyn does share two sons with Chris Lux who is 4, and Creed, 1. She shares Isaac 11 with ex Jo Rivera and Lincoln, 7, with Javi Marroquin.

Kailyn Lowry Talks Creed’s Health Issues

The teen mom has admitted earlier this year that she has been struggling with Creed’s other health issues. She noted that he doesn’t sleep well, and just cries when he is awake, which frustrates her easily. Creed eats well but is tongue-tied so that causes more frustration to latch on the nipple to feed him. Kailyn Lowry confesses to being extremely tired since Creed doesn’t sleep well, has colic, and acid reflux, and a whole other slew of baby troubles which makes for what she called to her producer as an introduction to “baby difficult” which she jokingly wished she named him. Kail has 4 son’s and Creed tops the list as far as bad sleeping with waking four to five times a night.

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Baby Daddy Drama for Kail

Baby tired and exhausted Kailyn Lowry catches no breaks with her strained relationship with Chris Lopez, Creed and Lux’s father. The teen mom star has been in a back-and-forth relationship with baby daddy Lopez. Recently, she made the announcement that Lopez was expecting another child with another woman, to which Kail congratulated him by publicly posting she wished him and his new family well with their new son on the way.

She even went into the fact that between all her baby daddies and their children, Jo and Vee’s daughter Vivi who’s five now, is the only girl amongst all the boys in the family. She didn’t go on to say whether he was engaged to the new woman in his life. Her announcement received a tap back from Chris in saying if it wasn’t the right attention to give and not the way to get his attention. Kail and Chris’s relationship has been on edge for years, including a hefty custody battle. Kailyn was also arrested in September of 2020 after punching Lopez closed fist numerous times for cutting her son’s hair without permission.

To add fuel to the fire, MTV allegedly hired Chris for the show without Kail’s knowledge and she scolded the network for how they handled that situation.

Don’t miss catching Kailyn Lowry on Teen Mom 2. With all the drama, who knows if she will be filming new episodes or not, but updates should be coming.

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