Jeremiah Duggar Might Propose To Hannah Wissmann Soon, Here’s Why

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Jeremiah Duggar and his girlfriend Hannah Wissmann are officially courting! The couple took to social media on Wednesday to share their big news with fans. Even though they have just announced their courtship, many people believe they will be engaged soon. There are a couple of good reasons for this.

Jeremiah Duggar could use his courtship and engagement as a distraction.

Duggar family fans and critics believe that the family will be making several big, positive announcements right around the time of Josh’s trial. For those who don’t know, Josh was arrested for the possession of child pornography in April. He’s pled not guilty but will go to trial on November 30. Naturally, there will be plenty of negative attention on the Duggars during that time, as there has been throughout this recent scandal.

On Reddit, several Duggar critics have predicted an engagement sometime in November or December to distract the media from Josh’s trial. One critic writes, “It wouldn’t surprise me if we got some additional courtships, a couple of pregnancy announcements, or even a Jer&Hannah engagement before the legal proceedings get started in mid-November.”

Another user agrees, writing, “Either there really is a plea deal that’s going to be announced any day now or they’re just getting the good news fired up in preparation for Josh’s trial to begin. I’m betting that by Thanksgiving we have confirmation of another pregnancy or two, an engagement and whatever other good news they can scrape out of the bottom of the barrel.”

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The Duggars court instead of date.

Typically, when a Duggar announces their courtship, things are already pretty serious. In the Duggar family, the kids court instead of date. While people may have multiple boyfriends or girlfriends before getting married, the Duggars usually only court one person. There have been a handful of failed courtships, but in most cases, they marry the first person they court. They describe courting as dating with the intent to marry.

So, because Jeremiah and Hannah have announced that they are a couple, it seems like things are already going well. They may already be considering marriage and could be engaged very soon. This isn’t just a casual relationship.

So, do you think that Jeremiah Duggar will propose to Hannah Wissmann soon? Or do you think they will court a little while longer first? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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