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Christine Brown Covering Tracks After Nearly Breaching Her TLC Contract?

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Sister Wives fans are convinced Christine Brown is covering her tracks after nearly breaching her contract with TLC. Whether she violated or almost violated her contract with TLC ahead of the Sister Wives Season 16 Premiere is up for debate.

But, fans are convinced she’s backpedaled a bit to make sure that doesn’t happen. What did the TLC star do exactly that has fans thinking she got dangerously close to violating her contract? Keep reading, we’ll explain.

Christine Brown purchased a duplex in Utah

As we previously reported, Christine is living large after purchasing a $1.1M duplex in Utah. According to fan chatter, public domain on the real estate market reveals she closed on the duplex toward the beginning of October. Fans also know she sold her home in Flagstaff. So, all these clues point toward Christine splitting from Kody and moving to Utah to be closer to her children and her grandbaby Avalon.

Christine Brown Living LARGE In $1.1M Utah Duplex Amid Dumping Kody

Claims she misses Utah, heads there for Halloween

A screenshot in a thread on Reddit shows Christine Brown implying that she still lives in Flagstaff. The screenshot featured Christine talking about how much she missed Utah and wanted to be with her grandbaby for Halloween. She added that she was taking off to spend time with her family in Utah.

Christine brown Instagram
Christine Brown – Instagram

Sister Wives fans believe this is just Christine’s way of covering her tracks ahead of the Season 16 Premiere. Fans, however, argue it is too little too late as she’s already been all over the headlines in regards to her being single and living in Utah. Here’s some of what fans had to say on the Reddit thread:

  • “Christine pretending she isn’t already in Utah because of the TLC contract?”
  • “There was a picture posted of Truely a few days ago that posters here recognized as being somewhere in Utah, yet now she is acting like they are just going to Utah today?”
  • “Came here to say this…is she trying to confuse us?”
Sister Wives Christine Brown
Instagram Christine Brown

One Sister Wives fans agreed they understood the desire to be close to Avalon. Other fans chimed in to agree her grandbaby was adorable. “Cheeks for days,” one fan gushed.

Fans believe Christine Brown may be taking a page out of Meri’s playbook and only returning to Flagstaff long enough to film new episodes of Sister Wives.

Christine Brown Living A Lie? ‘Sister Wives’ Season 16 May Spill The Truth

Is Christine Brown covering her tracks to avoid breaching her contract with TLC? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Brown family.

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