’20/20′ On ABC: Unknown Secrets Of Gabby Petito’s Last Days

ABC 20/20 Gabby Petito

Tomorrow (Oct. 29), 20/20, on ABC will reveal some unknown information about Gabby Petito’s last days. Keep reading to find out about this and more.

Travel Blogger May Have Been The First To Crack The Gabby Petito Case

It seems that the Gabby Petito case has come to an end, or has it? Recently, investigators found human remains confirmed as Brian Laundrie’s in the Carlton Reserve not far from where his parents live. Now, 20/20 will take a deeper look into the whole case. The show enlists the help of former Moab, Utah police chief, Jim Winder. They also bring in experts on body language and legal analysts to take a look at the body cam footage from days before Gabby went missing.

ABC 20/20 Jenn Bethune Gabby Petito
ABC 20/20 Jenn Bethune

In one of the trailers for the upcoming episode of 20/20, they interview Jenn Bethune, the travel blogger that located Gabby’s van. Bethune tells the story of how they were driving through the Tetons and noticed the van on the side of the road. One of the reasons the van caught her attention is because it had Florida tags, and she is from Florida also. At one point, the YouTuber thought about maybe hanging out with whoever was in the van. Ultimately, she decided not to because it “looked very dark,” and she didn’t think that anybody was in there.

At the time, Jen Bethune didn’t seem to think much of it. However, she started getting tagged on social media. This prompted her to review her footage from Grand Teton National Park.  Bethune shared they knew it was Gabby’s van as soon as their footage passed by it. This tip gave authorities a better idea of where to look for Gabby Petito.

Does Gabby’s Body Language Give Any Clues?

In another preview for the upcoming episode, law enforcement officials and body language experts share their thoughts on the infamous bodycam footage of Gabby Petito and Brain Laundrie in Utah. Jim Winder explains that once there’s mention of an arrest for this incident, Petito is frightened.

ABC 20/20 Jim Winder Gabby Petito
ABC 20/20 Jim Winder

He explains that based on this, officers reevaluated whether or not they were going to make an arrest. Legal analyst Nancy Grace shares that she doesn’t doubt that the Moab police have training in domestic violence.

So, what other information could 20/20 unveil about the Gabby Petito case? In one clip, there’s mention of the notebook found near Brian Laundrie’s body. Furthermore, there’s speculation that the notebook’s contents could give more insight into this case.

What do you think ABC’s 20/20 is going to unveil about the last days of Gabby Petito’s life? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for news about this case and more.

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