Tori Spelling Trapped In Nightmare Marriage After Dean McDermott Threatens To Sue For Alimony

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Tori Spelling divorce rumors continue to circulate. Fans have been wondering just what could be taking the former  Beverly Hills 90210 star so long to finally end her unhappy marriage to husband Dean McDermott.

Spelling wants out, according to The Sun reports, however, she allegedly feels trapped in this marriage to Dean. Rumors reveal the reason Tori is at a standstill in this marriage nightmare is due to Dean McDermott allegedly making threats to sue her for alimony if she ever tries to leave him. Things have been bad between Spelling and McDermott for years.

Dean McDermott Calling The Shots With Tori Spelling

They have been married for 15 years and share five children, yet divorce rumors have been swirling around the couple for years. Sources close to Spelling reveal, “Tori wants a divorce, but she feels trapped right now.”

Credit Tori Spelling Instagram
Credit Tori Spelling Instagram

Dean and Tori are constantly arguing, claims the informant. One recent argument allegedly led to McDermott taking off for days without contacting Tori or the children. When he returned the source claims an explosive fight took place between the two. The argument became so out of control that Dean began threatening Tori saying he would sue her for alimony and child support if she left.

Finances have always been a major factor in the marital problems between Spelling and McDermott, and Tori remains very honest over the years about the family’s financial struggles. So for Dean to make such a threat to Tori has really set her off. The source claims that when Tori and Dean married, McDermott signed a prenup, however, Tori recently found out through her lawyer that he could still sue for alimony and support.

Credit Tori Spelling Instagram
Credit Tori Spelling Instagram

Tori Spelling Is Miserable

Spelling is very irate about the news. They add that Tori has only stayed in this miserable marriage for two reasons, one her children,  and two the financial issues. Having so many children and pets the source reveals is a major reason for the financial struggles.

As previously reported by TV Shows Ace Tori and Dean recently attempted a family day trip to Disneyland. Paparazzi photos were captured of the family strolling through the amusement park. However, fans could not help but notice that neither Tori, Dean, or any of the children are smiling in the pictures.

Fans fear that the tension and stress between Tori and Dean may soon have an adverse effect on the couple’s five children, Liam, 14, Stella, 13, Hattie, 10, Finn, 9, and Beau, 4.

 Credit YouTube
Credit YouTube

Will Tori Find A Way Out?

Over the past few months, Spelling’s fans have begun noticing that Tori is making obvious changes to her life. The most noticeable, however,  is her change in appearance. Fans have noticed that recently Tori has begun resembling reality star, Khloe Kardashian. However, Tori claims it is not intentional, she is finding the comparisons very flattering and feels honored to receive such compliments.

As far as Tori Spelling’s divorce, if Dean McDermott’s threat rumors to sue for support and alimony are true. Then fans believe Tori will remain trapped in this marriage for quite some time yet. Perhaps even until the children are all grown.

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